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India becomes world's fifth largest military spender

24 April 2017 8:48 AM GMT
India's military expenditure grew around 8.5 per cent in 2016, making it the world's fifth largest spender at $55.9 billion, figures released by the...

Israeli attack on Syria military camp kills three

23 April 2017 10:10 AM GMT
An Israeli attack on a Syrian camp for pro-government forces killed three fighters near the Golan Heights today, an official from the forces said.The...

Toxic attack kills 58 in Syria, military denies hand

4 April 2017 4:25 PM GMT
A senior Syrian military officer on Tuesday denied reports of military toxic attack on rebel-held area in Idlib province that is said to have killed...

Two die in Afghan military hospital blast

8 March 2017 8:28 AM GMT
Blast in a military hospital in Kabul took away two lives and injured 12.

China to increase military spending by 7%

6 March 2017 8:11 AM GMT
China is set to increase military spending by 7 per cent this year, its lowest increase in over two decades, the government announced on...

Trump orders 'great rebuilding' of US military

28 Jan 2017 5:41 PM GMT
Seeking to enhance US military's capabilities, President Donald Trump has ordered a 'great rebuilding' of the US armed forces by upgrading...

India displays military might, cultural diversity

26 Jan 2017 12:25 PM GMT
India's military might, its cultural diversity and achievements in various areas were showcased at a grand parade here on Thursday as the nation...

Independent India’s wars:A full but not a fully fair account

12 Jun 2016 7:23 PM GMT
 It is also beyond dispute that India has not been well served in this regard since the heyday of Sir Jadunath Sarkar, even though it faced four...

China’s military Muscle: Looming threat?

28 Jun 2015 9:15 PM GMT
China’s Military Power: A Net Assessment, by Major General <g data-gr-id='98'>entre</g> for G D Bakshi, SM, VSM (Knowledge World and...

Kargil’s haunting remembrances

30 March 2014 10:57 PM GMT
The famous German strategist, Carl Von Clausewitz had written in his seminal book ‘On War’ that, ‘War is merely the continuation of politics by other...

India can build Future Infantry Combat Vehicle

18 July 2012 1:44 AM GMT
The ministry of defence has recently concluded a feasibility study to decide whether the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle [FICV] can be built within...

The weapons of the future

4 July 2012 2:56 AM GMT
By Konstantin BogdanovThe world is getting ready for a new arms race – this time in cyber weapons. What was previously considered to be the domain of...
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