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A Sojourn on two wheels

Replenished with unyielding adventure, stunning views, unpredictable roads and ultimate tranquility in the lap of Himalayas – a bike ride through Nepal encapsulates the essence of wild, young dreams

Coorg: The Scotland of India

With a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is an ideal place to unwind amid lush mountains while soaking in the pleasant aroma of fresh coffee

An island of architectural treasures

Once a Portuguese colony, the Union Territories of Daman & Diu host impressive architecture dating back to 16th-century Europe

Pearls in a Sea of Blue

With shimmering turquoise waters fringed by luscious fauna and sun-toasted beaches that melt into purple sunsets – the far-flung Andaman Islands are a perfect respite from urban clutter

The Charida Mask Village

Charida village has the distinction of being the only place in the world where masks are manufactured for Chhau dance – a specific ornament used for the acrobatic martial art-based dance

Norway's Svalbard: A Trip to the North Pole

Shooting an ad film on tea in Norway made for an unparalleled experience – the blend of warm Assam Tea, snow-capped peaks and dazzling Northern Lights ushered both comfort and adventure

Chennai To Bishnupur: An Enchanting Odyssey

The journey from Chennai to Bengal takes one through quaint temple towns to ultimately end at the bastion of crafted architectural marvels – Bishnupur

Yachting Extravagance: Ripples of Luxury in Waters

Popular as the playground for the rich and famous, yachting holidays are gaining quick global popularity for their array of options and whiff of luxury


Famous for its castles, cathedrals, red wine, Baroque palaces and Turkish remains, including the northernmost minaret in Europe – Eger is a beautiful historical town in Northern Hungary

Tales of Persia

An influential land of ancient secrets balanced with modern architecture and its share of complexities – Iran’s story is far more beautiful than what we hear and see

Srinagar : 20 years later

Returning to Srinagar after 20 years brings an exciting mélange of emotions – while infrastructure has grown, the essential serenity of the valley lives on untampered

Enroute Kannur

Made of exquisite temples, pristine beaches and a bustling folk tradition – Kannur is a southern delight with historic linkages to explorers from many centuries ago
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