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In Retrospect

Chaos ensues

4 July 2020 5:28 PM GMT
Incidents of overcharging by private hospitals and general lack of necessary equipment and supplies reveal how underprepared India’s healthcare systems are for a major crisis

Discomfitng truth

27 Jun 2020 7:46 PM GMT
To those nestled at home, COVID-19 deaths are just a number, an inconvenient fact — but to those living through its dismal reality, there is no such reprieve

An extraordinary show of will

20 Jun 2020 6:07 PM GMT
A month after Cyclone Amphan cut a swathe through West Bengal, the State is already well on its way to recovery with coordinated efforts of unprecedented effort paving the way to normalcy

You are not alone

20 Jun 2020 6:05 PM GMT
The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has highlighted that we as a nation are not comfortable with the idea of discussing mental health which often becomes an issue that we repress — it is now time we face our 'demons'

Indian agriculture post-COVID

13 Jun 2020 5:38 PM GMT
At a time when the Indian economy is faltering and welfare systems are buckling under crushing pressure, reforms in the agriculture sector can help put the economy back on track and provide much-needed employment opportunities on a cost-effective and urgent basis; write A Amarender Reddy & Ashwini Darekar

No Black No White

6 Jun 2020 6:02 PM GMT
The outrage in the US is not a first. The nation has a long lineage of tumult. But each time, the country has got up, dusted itself off and learnt to walk again. Will this time be any different?

Left out in the storm

30 May 2020 5:18 PM GMT
With the Centre vehemently refusing to acknowledge the scale of devastation left behind by Cyclone Amphan on a pandemic struck and cash strapped West Bengal, the idea of cooperative federalism looks to be dead in the water

False promises & hope anew

23 May 2020 6:26 PM GMT
COVID-19 has laid bare for all to see, the plight of the informal sector and the migrant workers who sustain it. Vinay Kumar & Sunita Narain reflect on how, as a nation, we can finally make the necessary changes in both urban and rural settings to finally support those who hold up our modern existence

How dare we

16 May 2020 5:57 PM GMT
After having starved themselves to death; after putting their lives at risk to reach home; after blistering their feet to see their families and after shedding tears over lost family members, our migrant workers are returning home. But what we really need to ask is whether it is fair to strip these workers of their rights at a time like this and why is it that we still do not have a centralised mechanism to account for every single one of our migrant workers

The new India: Have Bottle, Will Drink

9 May 2020 6:10 PM GMT
Queues outside liquor shops stretch as far as the eye can see, with hundreds lined up exhibiting a shameless disregard for physical distancing. Despite a COVID-led hike in prices, the average Indian seems to be doing everything but ease up on the bottle

A changed globe

2 May 2020 3:12 PM GMT
After the world manages to pull itself out of what can easily be considered as this century’s defining moment of crisis, the human species will have to make permanent changes so that we are never again caught unprepared

We failed them

25 April 2020 5:27 PM GMT
We as a civilised society must take stock of the shameful incidences of healthcare workers and doctors being ostracised and assaulted by those they work to save and protect
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