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Battle Royale: Packed with surprises

2018-11-17 14:08:06.0
All eyes are set on Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh as the ruling BJP is slated to face stiff competition from the Congress, BSP and other regional parties in the upcoming legislative polls

Green Diwali: An Oxymoron?

2018-11-10 13:36:09.0
This Diwali, despite intervention, Delhi’s air quality crisis has shown little respite – the only way forward is to take cognizance across the year and not only when calamity strikes

CBI: Restoring institutional integrity

2018-11-03 13:46:23.0
Evidently, a systemic rot has tainted the integrity of India’s highest investigating agency – the CBI. The only way forward will be to delink political powers from institutions of justice – to restore credibility and erase any possibility of arm-twisting.


2018-10-27 13:53:43.0
The Battle of Haifa exhibited the valour and grit of India’s Armed Forces – we must salute the soldiers whose sacrificed lives are often forgotten in today’s time

Deception of Digital Gaming

2018-10-20 14:32:27.0
The risks of social media are plenty – and its newest victims are children, who are being trapped in death challenges and suicide mongering games reflective of an evil conscience pervading our society

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Towards a Sustainable Future

2018-10-13 16:28:48.0
Choked with nauseating air pollution levels and unchecked industrial waste – as a society, it is time we take cognizance of the approaching calamity and begin to efficiently utilise renewable energy as a way of life

Illicit Pharmaceuticals: Killing us softly?

2018-10-06 13:58:58.0
The rampant use of unauthorised, banned and outdated medication in our country is paving the way for more vicious diseases rather than administering a reliable cure

NPAs: Building blocks of crisis

2018-09-29 14:11:28.0
India’s NPA crisis has resulted from decades of ignorance towards a crumbling system of regulation – today, we need an urgent remedy to tape the glaring loopholes of generic corruption

Stench of indignity: Sewer deaths in India

2018-09-22 14:22:59.0
At the nadir of human dignity, rests the practice of manual scavenging. With over 600 reported deaths, it is beyond time that this shameful face of modern slavery is banished from civil society

Towards a political tsunami?

2018-09-15 15:37:41.0
As 2019 nears, the sword of simultaneous polls dangles dangerously near our necks. Its benefits in reducing costs are apparent – but are simultaneous elections desirable for the Indian polity today?

The collapse of civilisation

2018-09-08 14:40:28.0
In today's fast-paced world, we may have developed ourselves technologically and economically – but the truth of development is revealed only when we...

Floods: Nature's Fury or Policy Disaster?

2018-09-01 14:44:25.0
Kerala’s deluge was another grim reminder of how Man will always be subservient to Nature. Simultaneously, the floods raised important questions on how governments with inadequate policy implementation pave the way for calamities to become catastrophes.


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