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Big brother's watchful eye

9 Nov 2019 1:07 PM GMT
As the Pegasus-WhatsApp breach raised concerns of privacy in India again; it is noteworthy that the Indian government had already designed and started operating mass surveillance systems, making privacy obsolete quite a while ago

Horror from the farms

2 Nov 2019 1:28 PM GMT
While Delhi is struggling to breathe, the farms of Punjab and Haryana remain ablaze – bereft of alternatives, caught in a vicious cycle and knee-deep in debt, the farmers’ wishfully burnt fields are only reflective of their slipping fates

Snatchers on the prowl

26 Oct 2019 1:25 PM GMT
The streets of NCR today have become a haven for petty criminals who snatch, rob and even assault unsuspecting victims for meagre valuables that then fuel the notorious black market; discuss Abhay Singh, Piyush Ohrie & Rahul Singh

The noble Calcutta chromosome

19 Oct 2019 2:47 PM GMT
Growing up in the streets of Kolkata and becoming a stalwart of practical developmental economics, Abhijit Banerjee’s Nobel – that he shares with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer – has brought the prestigious award back to the country’s eastern shores after a long, anticipated wait

Kashmir : Paradise in pain

12 Oct 2019 12:55 PM GMT
Since Jammu & Kashmir’s fate was overturned on August 5, the Valley has been caught in the winds of an agonising downward spiral – businesses are running dry, citizens feel alienated and democratic ideals are conspicuous only by their absence

A race against time

5 Oct 2019 1:35 PM GMT
Tuberculosis has plagued India for years but in modern times, the age old disease has taken a deadlier version. Patients across the country are now facing various challenges trying to procure the medication which is not in adequate supply

A Golden Loot

28 Sep 2019 1:06 PM GMT
Steep duties on gold in India and simultaneous lower prices in foreign markets have made the yellow metal a most lucrative contraband for illegal smuggling – and, this wide network of deceit and illegal profiteering is today flourishing abundantly


21 Sep 2019 1:04 PM GMT
Crisis in the automobile sector has been making headlines for a few while; now, this continuous slump in sales has crippled the entire value chain of the industry – from suppliers to manufacturers, all are embedded in this brewing financial catastrophe

The Barmer Model of Development

14 Sep 2019 12:32 PM GMT
Witnessing a 650 per cent per capita income growth in the last decade, Rajasthan's remote Barmer district is an exception that must become the norm for India to achieve self-sustenance and social prosperity

National Register of Citizens: Rhetoric v/s Reality

7 Sep 2019 12:30 PM GMT
Despite decades of hue and cry that pettily politicised Assam as a state marred by external aggression emanating from large-scale illegal migration, only 5 per cent of the population has, so far, been excluded from the National Register

The End ?

31 Aug 2019 1:04 PM GMT
Though Amazon is burning in Brazil, the responsibility to prioritise its conservation must be shouldered by the entire world – a majority of which, even today, considers the perils of climate change mere hoax

Callousness COSTS DEAR

24 Aug 2019 1:12 PM GMT
Personal negligence – whether in carelessly crossing roads, avoiding helmets or taking selfies on railway tracks – has become a leading cause of premature death in Indian cities that are already brimming with people struggling to make their basic ends meet
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