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Filthy, Empty & Useless!

20 July 2019 1:42 PM GMT
Delhi faces a unique complication of poorly maintained foot-over bridges – with dysfunctional escalators and unhygienic state, public opinion reflects that they are a waste of money


13 July 2019 1:53 PM GMT
India is facing the worst water crisis in its history, and 21 cities are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020 – continuous conversation on finding a solution at all levels is mandatory

White-Collar Frauds

6 July 2019 1:57 PM GMT
Every year more bank frauds are reported and interestingly, the amount in each fraud case is increasing to staggering heights. With so many of the offenders fleeing, what does it take to probe such white-collar crimes and how can the cases reach their logical end?

The Bihar Debacle

29 Jun 2019 12:06 PM GMT
Bihar's Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) crisis is neither natural nor unbelievable – it is only reflective of a larger disease that plagues India's healthcare facilities, particularly for the poor

Ticking Time Bomb

22 Jun 2019 3:57 PM GMT
Chennai received rains on June 20 after six parched months while Bihar has witnessed over 140 deaths due to blistering heat waves – our climate is changing in irrevocable ways as we stand grossly ill-equipped

Road to nowhere

15 Jun 2019 1:40 PM GMT
With unemployment at its 45-year highest, the Indian economy is writhing – most ironically, the educated are as ill-off as the illiterate  

Traffic on top of the world

8 Jun 2019 1:06 PM GMT
With over 300 climbers queued at the summit, Mount Everest is witnessing horror – human traffic has severely ambushed this climbing season and fatality has touched frightening heights

On a fading horizon

1 Jun 2019 12:09 PM GMT
Caught in a race to occupy market share while being burdened by volatile fuel prices, Indian airline companies are in deep trouble today though statistics paint a pretty future

The Invincibles

25 May 2019 12:33 PM GMT
The public appeal of Narendra Modi coupled with the maverick organisational skills of Amit Shah makes a killer combination – one that has today decimated the very conceptualisation of an opposition


18 May 2019 2:25 PM GMT
Its traditional bastions appear apprehensive while Bengal presents a most lucrative opportunity for power-hungry BJP. But, unlike the Hindi heartland, violence and communal rhetoric will not sway the Bengali accustomed to intellectual ignition and truly accepting of diversity


11 May 2019 2:44 PM GMT
BJP is desperate to win Bengal – and their pursuit has taken them down a questionable path of canards and communal provocation intended to jeopardise the prevailing goodwill of Mamata Banerjee’s TMC government

Delhi Triangle

4 May 2019 4:25 PM GMT
Delhi, the centre of India’s political administration, is set to witness a direct contest between three powerhouses – BJP, AAP and Congress, after the latter failed to establish an alliance to effectively overthrow the saffron party
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