Millennium Post


At what cost?

4 July 2020 5:26 PM GMT
The current string of industrial accidents portray the disgraceful reality of India’s industries largely prioritising productivity and growth while shunning safety and health standards, a cold calculation with a heavy human collateral

Winds of fortune

27 Jun 2020 5:47 PM GMT
Using New Institutional Economics to examine why England gained a decisive edge against its European competitors in the bid to become the supreme colonial empire between 17th-19th century

Restoring past glory

6 Jun 2020 6:14 PM GMT
Blending the organic farming methods of old with the scientific practices and market sense of the present time in the form of regulatory farming is the way forward to making Telangana agriculture more profitable

Bombay, Maharashtra & Gujerat: Bombay, Maharashtra & Gujerat

6 Jun 2020 6:12 PM GMT
In the ninth edition of this series, we discuss the reactions to the SRC Report, especially in the city of Bombay

Idea of India

6 Jun 2020 6:11 PM GMT
Instead of blaming the ideas and leaders of the past, India must search for a new way forward unto development that is free of political divisiveness and obscurantist ideas

STs: Who are they and how to mainstream them?

23 May 2020 5:51 PM GMT
The historical separation of 'vanvasis' in the Indian context has lead to a steadily widening development gap between the two that must be bridged for true equality to prevail

Congress party, apologists for separatism & the Pulitzer line

9 May 2020 6:06 PM GMT
Congress support for the anti-Indian line taken up by the Pulitzer award committee and other organisations and groups with similar intentions points to a disturbing pattern of supporting a separatist agenda for cheap political gains

Basket-case to a growth-engine

28 March 2020 3:14 PM GMT
From a fragile nation born in a background of tragedies to one of the fastest developing nations in the world, Bangladesh has come far in achieving its goal of becoming a land of stability, growth and opportunity 

All the right moves

28 March 2020 3:11 PM GMT
At a time when staying clean and healthy is of the utmost essence, certain measures, lifestyle changes and dietary choices can help one stay safe and fit during the lockdown

Much Ado about nothing

14 March 2020 1:56 PM GMT
The new EU Climate Law is so unambitious in its undertaking to attain net zero green house gas emission by 2050 that it has, at best , been deemed ineffectual and at worst, a total surrender to climate sceptics and powerful business lobbies

Ahead of times: Gyan Dutt

4 Jan 2020 2:24 PM GMT
A behemoth in the formative days of the Indian film industry, Gyan Dutt was pushed aside by the changing landscape of the music industry that went hand-in-hand but remains a potent musical icon with an evergreen appeal 

Last of the doyens: S. Mohinder

28 Dec 2019 2:04 PM GMT
Destined for greatness, S Mohinder’s journey took him from the depths of obscurity to the centre of a booming film industry where his unique compositions cemented his storied legacy
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