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Abode of weavers

14 May 2022 6:36 PM GMT
Advantageously located at the centre of riverine trade routes and being a pre-eminent centre of Hindu rituals, Banaras has been able to retain its...

Divine delicacy

7 May 2022 6:45 PM GMT
Though there’s been a continuing debate between West Bengal and Odisha around the origin of Rosogolla, none can contest the fact that it remains...

Uniquely tinctured guavas

30 April 2022 6:36 PM GMT
Found in limited supply and strictly seasonal, Allahabad’s Surkha Amrood — distinguished from other varieties by its apple-red exterior and deep pink...

Meerut's pride

23 April 2022 6:38 PM GMT
Having received the GI tag in 2013, the handmade scissors industry offers livelihood opportunities to tens of thousands of workers but modernisation...

Uniquely alluring

16 April 2022 9:02 PM GMT
Primarily depicting Radha-Krishna love story, Kangra Paintings underwent radical experimentation with time, transforming into a more refined version

Punjab's evergreen embroidery

2 April 2022 3:32 PM GMT
Deeply rooted in tradition, and with an ability to bring different crafts from various regions together, Phulkari has withstood the travails of time,...

Exquisite carvings of Kashmir

26 March 2022 7:45 PM GMT
While the demand for Kashmiri walnut carving is on the rise, the expert 'karigars' who create it in 'karkhanas' are finding it hard to preserve their...

Kashmiri saffron: A deluxe spice

19 March 2022 7:28 PM GMT
The GI tag for Kashmiri saffron has standardised the entire process — from production and processing to marketing — thereby removing the glitches and...

Economic Planning Series: Omnishambles implementation

19 March 2022 7:15 PM GMT
Based on a ‘flawed logic’, and interspersed with two wars and a drought, the third plan — relying heavily on heavy industries and import substitution...

Economic Planning Series: Aiming at holistic development

12 March 2022 6:04 PM GMT
Continuing with the socialist framework, the third plan aimed at attaining self-sufficiency in agriculture and continuing the expansion of industry,...

Pashmina: The royal fabric

12 March 2022 5:55 PM GMT
Pashmina is a combined outcome of largely unrewarded labour of Changpas who extract the wool from Changra goats, and the exquisite craft of Kashmiri...

Uniqueness of the craft

5 March 2022 6:29 PM GMT
A range of products resulting from intertwining of geographically distinct raw materials with the traditional craft have lent a distinct outlook to...
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