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Make the Switch

20 July 2019 1:50 PM GMT
In The Climate Solution, Mridula Ramesh's pragmatic ideas of pushing individual initiative and climate-resilient start-ups to solve various climatic issues offer an original roadmap to policymakers as well as the people of India for years to come. Excerpts:

A City Above Pretence

13 July 2019 1:48 PM GMT
Joanne Taylor's The Churches of India takes the reader on a fascinating journey through India to discover the history and architecture of various churches across the country. Excerpts:


6 July 2019 2:06 PM GMT
Kavita Das's Poignant Song chronicles the journey of Indian music to the West through the remarkable life of a great artiste – Lakshmi Shankar. Her music traversed both the East and the West with numerous collaborations. Excerpts:


29 Jun 2019 4:02 PM GMT
A heady mix of politics, satire and current events, Meghnad S's Parliamental is a roller-coaster ride through the corridors of power. Excerpts:


22 Jun 2019 3:22 PM GMT
Taking readers inside the veiled world of politics, K Pradeep Chandra's Tiger Hunting Stories reminisces three decades of active engagement with administration – its ups, downs and the endless search for value. Excerpts:

Unique & Unforgettable: Nadeem Shravan

15 Jun 2019 1:36 PM GMT
They were the only composers of the 1990's & 2000's to have relied heavily on three instruments – the bansuri, sitar and shehnai – in almost all their songs

Making AI intelligent

8 Jun 2019 1:15 PM GMT
Author Kartik Hosanagar, a Wharton professor and tech entrepreneur, in his new book, A Human's Guide to Machine Intelligence, shows readers how algorithms and Artificial Intelligence have become irrevocable aspects of our life that must be exploited for enhanced performance. Excerpts:


1 Jun 2019 12:24 PM GMT
Radhakrishnan Pillai's Chanakya and the Art of War draws upon lessons from the great teacher, philosopher and strategist Chanakya's masterpiece, Arthashastra, which can help us become innovative and influential. Excerpts:

India @ World

25 May 2019 12:24 PM GMT
Raghav Bahl's Super Century offers a cogent and candid assessment of the need to address India's foreign and domestic agendas simultaneously if we desire to thrive as a nation – the world is moving too fast to allow us to deal with one set of problems before moving on to another. Excerpts:


25 May 2019 12:21 PM GMT
Sadhviji is a renowned speaker addressing themes ranging from conscious business to science, spirituality to sustainable development and finding happiness in practicing yoga


18 May 2019 2:16 PM GMT
Luke Coutinho & Anushka Shetty's The Magic Weight Loss Pill shows us that nothing parallels the power and impact that simply sustained lifestyle changes can have on a person who's struggling to regain a healthy body or suffering from a chronic disease. Excerpts:

Laxmikant Pyarelal

11 May 2019 2:41 PM GMT
Of the two perfectly complementary talents, Laxmikant would compose the melody, rehearse singers and look after the commercial aspects – while Pyarelal would package and record the songs
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