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Dousing the Dragon

4 July 2020 5:20 PM GMT
China has been spouting fire for a while now. Leave aside the semantics of the Coronavirus, the last few weeks expose a sinister approach, very dangerous intent and clinical subterfuge, write Rajeev Narayan & Jay Vikram Bakshi

French settlements in India

4 July 2020 5:15 PM GMT
The reintegration of French territories into the Indian Union, while a relatively straightforward operation as compared to the process of integrating the Portuguese territories, was nevertheless fraught with ideological standoffs and apprehensions

Slipping through the cracks

27 Jun 2020 5:52 PM GMT
The ongoing pandemic and the resultant lockdown have aggravated the already precarious circumstances under which women work in India’s informal sector, necessitating drastic policy interventions; write Sagari Sahu & Pooja Singh

Clearing the mists of time

27 Jun 2020 5:50 PM GMT
Establishing a timeline to the life of Lord Rama, Bhatnagar’s Dating the Era of Lord Rama is a step in the right direction of pulling our ancient history out from the ambivalent realm of mythologies

Revolution, trade & dominance

20 Jun 2020 6:13 PM GMT
Using New Institutional Economics to understand the political, social and economic changes that led up to the competition between England, France and Holland for control of global trade between the 17th and 19th century

A global responsibility

13 Jun 2020 6:07 PM GMT
The pandemic allows us a moment to rethink how dystopic our relationship with our planet and fellow inhabitants — plants, animals, et al — has become

On uncertain ground

13 Jun 2020 6:05 PM GMT
A series of tremors and minor earthquakes over the last few months have gripped the NCR in a sense of foreboding over whether the region is capable of handling what may follow

Hidden history

13 Jun 2020 6:03 PM GMT
The killing of George Floyd has sparked a furore worldwide about identifying the long and tangled history of slavery and the symbols it has left behind. India too has its scars, obscure though they may be

For a new India

6 Jun 2020 6:05 PM GMT
Real-time environmental monitoring, a new-age technology in India, is on its way to replacing the conventional system of pollution compliance check with the use of advanced, digitalised and less labour intensive equipment

Sartre, Solitude and Life under quarantine

30 May 2020 5:33 PM GMT
In this period of imposed isolation that we are all going through amidst the lockdowns, we must all question why we feel lonesome in our own good company

SRC and the map of 1958

30 May 2020 5:29 PM GMT
In part eight of this series, we continue examining the recommendations made by the States Reorganisation Committee and how they influenced the 1958 edition of the map of India

Wasting away of 'The Beautiful Tree'

30 May 2020 5:27 PM GMT
A reflection of the indigenous Indian education system before the unfortunate Macaulisation — root and stem — of the traditional Indian education philosophy
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