Millennium Post


The past about to return

23 Sep 2021 1:04 PM GMT
The US-China rivalry will lead to more competition, paving a comeback for a ’brown agenda’ we can ill afford

Compassion towards minors

23 Sep 2021 1:01 PM GMT
While children, with certain limitations, are considered legitimate witnesses, the burden of testifying in courtrooms could inflict trauma upon them

Gross misuse

22 Sep 2021 2:33 PM GMT
There is a need to ensure transparency in the implementation of laws, and to introduce stringent provisions against false complainants, to prevent innocents

Transformation through vision

22 Sep 2021 2:30 PM GMT
Through a futuristic approach and well-devised communication strategy, INDCOSERVE was lifted from its ailing position to provide livelihood to small tea farmers in the Nilgiris

Worrying reverberations

21 Sep 2021 5:35 PM GMT
US’ withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, followed by pull-out of missile defence systems from Saudi, has sent ripples in the Middle East regarding similar abandonment

Backdoor entry

21 Sep 2021 5:30 PM GMT
As trade imbalances between China and other RCEP members are indirectly affecting India’s trade balance with those entities, bilateral FTAs require revisiting

Far too ambitious?

20 Sep 2021 2:05 PM GMT
NMP is indeed a bold reform initiative but its effectiveness will depend on how the structural impediments are removed and unemployment challenge is averted

Drifting apart

20 Sep 2021 1:47 PM GMT
Not only a gulf is emerging in US-Pak relations but also the Taliban is likely to dump Pakistan once its ends are achieved

Boom and bust

19 Sep 2021 1:31 PM GMT
A dichotomy was visible as the Telecom Minister introduced a slew of measures to augment the beleaguered sector, contrasted by an apparent ignorance around MTNL

Small beginnings

19 Sep 2021 1:22 PM GMT
This is a battle that has raged on for 4,000 years, since the world’s first king ruled in Mesopotamia. But this first happened in India. And this is happening yet again today, as we now have a revolution in the making

Boosting bilateral ties

17 Sep 2021 3:30 PM GMT
A fortnight ahead of the in-person Quad summit, the 2+2 minister-level meet between India and Australia hinged upon the core objectives of the grouping

25 years & waiting…

17 Sep 2021 3:27 PM GMT
It’s been 25 years since the introduction of the Women’s Reservation Bill but its future still hangs in the balance
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