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Kumbh's ecological bearing

2019 Kumbh appears better prepared to tackle the pollution generated across two months of celebrations; concerns still loom over the aftermath of the festival

More income, more investment

As India inches towards higher per capita income, a variety of investment opportunities lie across industries – benefitting the entire supply chain

The road not taken

Governments at the Centre have often been perplexed in their choice between urban development and environmental protection – most often, ecology has suffered

Eliminating industrial waste

Industrial wastewater is severely contaminating India’s fresh water resources – innovative methods of recycling must be immediately formulated

A big leap of progress

The KCR government begins its successive term to augment the progress that its first term delivered – advancing Telangana in its developmental trajectory

A sort of election promise

The interim budget garners big expectations from the current government – with an eye on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Meghalaya Mining Crisis

India must learn from the Jaintia Hills catastrophe and better regulate the mining industry – overhauling norms and attenuating political influence

Mitigating air pollution

Implementation would be the key to India’s ambitious National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), particularly as the targets are not legally binding

Of whales and men

Is Japan’s decision to leave the International Whaling Commission really that big a deal?

The price of democracy

The forthcoming working paper discusses how in France, despite strong campaign finance laws, campaign donations have a direct influence on legislative and municipal election results

Catching up with China

India has a lot to learn from China’s educational outcomes, particularly in strengthening fundamental skills at the lowest level of the population

Withering Opposition unity?

Despite an initial show of strength that grabbed national attention, the Opposition’s ‘Mahagtbandhan’ is now a mirage
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