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Struggling to keep up

3 July 2020 5:45 PM GMT
India's abysmally low healthcare expenditure over the years has compounded the already formidable stress of the current pandemic

A few yards of territory

3 July 2020 5:29 PM GMT
Pandit Nehru’s excessive use of restraint without any semblance of action in matters of strategic responses and border disputes often came at a heavy price for the nation

Go 'Desi'

3 July 2020 5:28 PM GMT
The ban on 59 Chinese apps by the Indian government and impeding of Chinese imports comes as a golden opportunity to domestic companies

We Shall Prevail

3 July 2020 9:29 AM GMT
Home Minister Amit Shah made a very profound and pertinent statement that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, we shall overcome the two...

Boomeranging back

2 July 2020 5:21 PM GMT
As the Nepal-China bonhomie shows signs of falling apart, India has an opportunity to step back in and convince Nepal to see reason in regards to failing Indo-Nepal relations

Upliftment from the roots

2 July 2020 5:19 PM GMT
In today’s extraordinary times, the vision of MK Gandhi and former President Kalam for developed and independent villages can serve as a guideline for addressing the migrant crisis

Ahead of his times

1 July 2020 5:49 PM GMT
Former PM Narasimha Rao’s revolutionary land reforms in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh have had a long-lasting impact that continues to echo in the field of agriculture in Telangana today

Health to the forefront

1 July 2020 5:47 PM GMT
The present COVID-19 crisis has allowed India to course-correct its floundering healthcare infrastructure and policies to better meet inevitable challenges in the future

Let's humanise our products

1 July 2020 5:20 PM GMT
In order to effectively convince Indian consumers to opt for Indian products over more economically feasible Chinese ones, sentiment and backstories must be attached to said local products

Necessary resolve

30 Jun 2020 5:52 PM GMT
India must be prepared to use all its diplomatic and militaristic assets to dissuade further Chinese misadventures that impinge on Indian sovereignty

Healing the nation

30 Jun 2020 5:48 PM GMT
Dr BC Roy was a man whose service as a doctor went beyond the realms of individual patients and extended to serving society as a whole in a variety of roles

Mafias of school education

29 Jun 2020 6:43 PM GMT
Unlike other sectors in India, the education sector has largely escaped scrutiny and punitive action regarding acts of corruption perpetrated by small, private and powerful lobbies
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