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Justice long overdue?

5 March 2021 4:34 PM GMT
The International Criminal Court's announcement of a new investigation into war crimes in the Palestine Territories has thrown Israel and its US...

The new frontier

4 March 2021 5:23 PM GMT
The Arctic has frequently been referred to as the final frontier on Earth. It has been a region that has famously been held as inaccessible and...

Going to space

3 March 2021 4:54 PM GMT
If you ever wished to leave behind the daily grind and go far-far away from your earthly responsibilities, then there may be an ideal opportunity for...

Failure to launch?

2 March 2021 4:56 PM GMT
Did Joe Biden overpromise when he vowed to bring journalist Jamal Khashoggi's killers to the light? Making tall claims during the campaign trail is...

Sensitive situation

2 March 2021 5:02 AM GMT
Just yesterday, the ongoing Myanmar coup saw its bloodiest day of protests yet, with at least 18 dead and more than 30 injured. Activists say that...

Responsible action

28 Feb 2021 5:44 PM GMT
President Biden's recent Syria airstrike has prompted fresh controversy as lawmakers, particularly Democratic ones, questioned the President's...

The new 'old'

26 Feb 2021 4:19 PM GMT
Bitcoin has been on a bit of a wild ride. After Tesla's bold USD one billion buy-ins, several other major corporations also expressed interest in...

Tense confrontation

25 Feb 2021 6:52 PM GMT
Before Joe Biden took office, there was a wave of cautious optimism that he would return America to its original foreign policy commitments. For most...

Hitting reset?

24 Feb 2021 4:16 PM GMT
When Donald Trump had first taken the office of US President in 2016, one of his most significant foreign policy moves was to affect a major change in ...

Approaching disaster

23 Feb 2021 5:47 PM GMT
Days after a mysterious oil spill washed up on Israel's Mediterranean shoreline, the county was forced to close up its beaches. Now, the country's...

Incentivising vaccines

22 Feb 2021 4:28 PM GMT
Vaccine scepticism and misinformation is an undeniably significant challenge that all ongoing inoculation campaigns must sooner or later face....

Setting precedent

21 Feb 2021 6:06 PM GMT
In what could prove to be a landmark judgment for gig workers worldwide, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers are to be considered workers and ...
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