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Immortal in Delhi's memory

21 July 2019 5:49 PM GMT
If there is one leader that may be credited with changing the face of Delhi city, in more ways than one, it is the three-time Chief Minister Sheila...

Saving our lifelines

21 July 2019 5:47 PM GMT
Rivers have been the lifelines of civilisations since time immemorial. In fact, such was the prominence of rivers that settlements grew around it...

Moving in tandem

19 July 2019 5:22 PM GMT
In what might seem like opposite ideologies, capitalism and socialism stand at the extreme ends of a common locus. One way of looking at this is the...

A world-class city

19 July 2019 5:21 PM GMT
A setback for the Andhra Pradesh government surfaced when the World Bank inconspicuously decided to drop the infrastructure development project of...

Calculated steps into the future

18 July 2019 6:01 PM GMT
Among several things that India has given to the world, the contribution of the legendary, self-taught mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan engages...

Sweet verdict, bittersweet emotion

18 July 2019 6:00 PM GMT
The International Court of Justice's order paved way for consular access and review of the death sentence awarded to retired Navy Commander...

The dissident factor

17 July 2019 5:33 PM GMT
Perhaps the biggest day for H D Kumaraswamy's government as the floor test gets underway today in a bid to decide whether the precariously held...

Superficial efforts

17 July 2019 5:32 PM GMT
As reports regarding Hafiz Saeed, 2008 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind, Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief and a UN-designated terrorist, being apprehended 50 Km...

Going pro-choice

16 July 2019 5:27 PM GMT
It is only too 'normal' in a patriarchal system that the right of an individual be decided by society and that be shaped by the opinions of all and...

Hurt by the recoil

16 July 2019 5:23 PM GMT
By opening its airspace after a long spell of closure, Pakistan has allayed much of the stress on several countries–which was primarily induced by...

Tiebreakers at work

15 July 2019 4:16 PM GMT
Inseparable competitors dug deep into rules to win their respective prizes

To the Moon

14 July 2019 3:19 PM GMT
With the launch of Chandrayaan-2 in the early hours of July 15, India is looking forward to being part of the elite group of three countries that...
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