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Mapping the states of India

Faded privileges

17 April 2021 6:14 PM GMT
Last week, we discussed the integration of the princely states with the Republic of India – a Herculean task indeed for it was like putting cheese and ...

Prestige for loyalty

10 April 2021 5:00 PM GMT
Princely states in British India were accorded hierarchical significance through cannon salutes, depending upon their fealty to the crown

The state in the north

3 April 2021 5:41 PM GMT
Building on the first part wherein dissatisfaction with ‘United Provinces’ was highlighted, this part shows how a new name came out of the blue, ruling out other considerations

Naming the hindi heartland

27 March 2021 5:48 PM GMT
The need for a new noun was felt as ‘United Provinces’ didn’t resonate with the identity of people and the profound metamorphosis of the state during the 1940s-50s

Built on the glorious past

20 March 2021 5:15 PM GMT
After changing many hands through the long passage of history, NCR in its new form remains a bustling centre of socio-economic and political life

Highlanders' own state

13 March 2021 6:04 PM GMT
Protest against the UP government’s reservation laws, though meant to counter political exclusion, finally transpired into a separate administrative unit

Discontent to confrontation

6 March 2021 5:00 PM GMT
Against the backdrop of fading political support, dissatisfaction among locals grew to the extent of direct mass-scale intervention with a clear political and economic target

Upsurge against exploitation

27 Feb 2021 6:19 PM GMT
The demand for preservation of traditional rights over forest resources in the colonial period transpired into that for a separate administrative unit during independence

Unanimity for the new state

20 Feb 2021 5:17 PM GMT
Chhattisgarh was finally carved out of MP with bipartisan consensus between BJP and Congress, preceded by the endeavours of diverse local outfits

Coming together in cohesion

13 Feb 2021 5:39 PM GMT
Colonial encroachment of rights and resources partly united the forest locals in the historic region but concrete demand for a separate state could take shape only after Independence

Out of political consensus

6 Feb 2021 5:42 PM GMT
Consent among leading parties capped the efforts of JMM and others to realise the formation of Jharkhand — though covering a narrower area

A regional construct

30 Jan 2021 5:51 PM GMT
A series of agrarian and missionary uprisings were brought under a single roof by Jaipal Singh to realise the separate statehood for Jharkhand
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