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Mindful heart

21 May 2022 4:59 PM GMT
Hypertension is intricately related to mental health, and both can be ‘managed’ simultaneously through ‘overlapping solutions’ including lifestyle...

Turning full circle

14 May 2022 6:30 PM GMT
In anniversary reaction, emotional outpourings related to major life incidents — not necessarily traumatic — repeat themselves periodically on an...

Mother's Day: Mommy's vocab

7 May 2022 6:40 PM GMT
Enlisted terms best define certain present-day ‘motherly’ behaviours that need to be recognised, acknowledged and modified if needed, to normalise the ...

Mind the heat!

30 April 2022 6:16 PM GMT
Apart from tormenting us physically, the scorching summer heat also comes with multiple mental complications that need to be taken care of

Healing drugs?

23 April 2022 6:32 PM GMT
Nascent research shows that psychedelic drugs have therapeutic potential for a wide array of mental health conditions but those should only be used...

A ubiquitous force

16 April 2022 8:54 PM GMT
Stress is an unavoidable response phenomenon in the functioning of human body and need not always have a negative connotation; it requires effective...

Embrace realities

9 April 2022 7:46 PM GMT
Projecting the façade of positivity when situation is actually negative doesn’t help; it rather leads to anxiety, depression, guilt etc. in the long...

A salvable ailment

2 April 2022 3:55 PM GMT
Yesterday we celebrated World Autism Awareness Day with the theme of ‘Inclusive education for all’. Here’s all you need to know about Autism

Eddies in the mind

26 March 2022 7:03 PM GMT
Bipolar disorder — resulting from a range of biological, psychological and social factors — may lead to extreme mood changes in patients over a...

Getting past the trauma

19 March 2022 7:20 PM GMT
Many among those evacuated from the war may go on to develop PTSD which must be timely diagnosed and treated to bring normalcy to the lives of...

Making an ideal choice

12 March 2022 6:08 PM GMT
Human tendency allows one to seek novelty in relationships but, while opting for a new partner against the old one, a 'wiser' consideration should be...

International Women's Day: Beyond biases

5 March 2022 6:12 PM GMT
Crusade against prevailing gender biases and stereotypes is held all throughout the year but Women’s Day allows us an opportunity to celebrate the...
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