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The art of being happy

16 May 2020 6:20 PM GMT
I lost my husband 6 years ago, I'm 45 now. I don't know whether to remarry or not. What's your view?G Kapoor, New Delhi Your life, your choice. If you...

Making space for empathy

16 May 2020 6:17 PM GMT
It is prerogative of humanity as a sentient race to consider the unvoiced thoughts and needs of those that share this earth with us — we must never fail in showing compassion to our non-human neighbours in pursuit of our own interests

Be your own boss

2 May 2020 3:27 PM GMT
No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself — do what you think is best for you without adhering to societal norms

Comfort in crisis

2 May 2020 3:24 PM GMT
With the pandemic affecting us globally, our pets are showering us with love, and making us feel less alone — it’s important to give them back some love and care

Wisdom in simplicity

25 April 2020 3:44 PM GMT
The stress of the lockdown and irregular schedules can pull our diets awry, impacting our immune systems at a time we need them most. Following some simple lifestyle and dietary rules can keep us on top of our health game

Eating for the environment

25 April 2020 3:41 PM GMT
What we buy and eat can add up to real environmental benefits, including fewer toxic chemicals, reduced global warming emissions and preservation of our ocean resources

Plugging emotional gaps

18 April 2020 4:28 PM GMT
Emotional distance in a relationship rarely develops overnight; expect that it will likewise require some time to rebuild that connection — gradual steps can help to reconnect

An extra dose of care

18 April 2020 4:25 PM GMT
Pets bring us endless joy; however, owning a pet is no walk in the park and comes with a whole lot of responsibilities – taking care of its health, ensuring a safe environment for the animal and feeding it right

Finding the keys to your happiness

11 April 2020 3:24 PM GMT
“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere,” said American essayist Agnes Repplier

Conquering fears, building confidence

11 April 2020 3:21 PM GMT
If your dog is terrified of the car, careful planning and patient training can literally teach him to ‘relax and enjoy the ride.’ Learn a few tactics for building canine confidence in the car

From its origin

4 April 2020 3:54 PM GMT
The practice of quarantine began during the 14th century in an effort to protect coastal cities from plague epidemics and other deadly diseases

In search of lost ones

4 April 2020 3:51 PM GMT
When your beloved pet strays away for any number of reasons, it can be quite a traumatic experience for both of you. Here is what to do in such situations
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