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Strictly personal

10 April 2021 5:03 PM GMT
I am a columnist, as are a few of my good friends. But are we, really? I ask since the friends I grew up with in journalism are drilling and trilling nonsense—complete untruths, penning stories which propound and confound the truth, the reality. Are we totally out of any conscience?

Roof of the world

3 April 2021 5:44 PM GMT
I stormed across India’s highways last month, finally breaking the shackles after being stuck in Delhi for months, heading to the pristine hills of Himachal Pradesh. I was greeted by pouring rain, verdant greenery, snow-capped peaks… On the way back, I got terribly lost. Thank God for that, for I ended up in a heaven called Arki

That time of THE YEAR

27 March 2021 5:50 PM GMT
It is the end of March again and a new financial year (FY) is beckoning. And what comes as a package deal with each new FY is the headache of making investments for tax purposes, and for capital gains. This year, though, the pain in the head is akin to a migraine—even the wisest investment advisors have no clue what to do

A year. And counting

20 March 2021 5:16 PM GMT
A year back, a pandemic bared its fangs and began notching up scary numbers. We changed our way of working, living and loving. What followed was 365 days of learning and imbibing. As we learnt to sanitize and don masks, we also resorted to ringing bells, banging thalis and lighting candles. Let’s revisit this forgettable year

Somehow, a Sardar can

14 March 2021 5:15 AM GMT
It is a celebration, yet disquieting, that most things of real, ground-level relevance are being done primarily by our Sikh brethren; in the country and worldwide. Be it relief work in India, Afghanistan or Syria, langars on Delhi’s borders and every single Gurudwara, it is the Sardars who rush in and come to the aid of one and all

Cracking the Whip

6 March 2021 5:02 PM GMT
For a fourth time running, the Supreme Court has expressed its strong displeasure over the issue of continuing custodial irregularities and interrogation in India, and non-compliance with its remedial orders. Referring to previous directives, the SC has again ordered the installation of CCTVs in the offices of every probe agency

Not a mere Billi

27 Feb 2021 6:22 PM GMT
A few months after the communal riots in Delhi last year, I ended up doing something that I never have before — I went to Shaheen Bagh. I now do it regularly, and am greeted fondly by Muslims and Hindus alike. The only change is that I now go with a cat that was born there

From NEFA to Arunachal

20 Feb 2021 5:19 PM GMT
The saga of assimilation of the North-East frontier region and subsequent formation of Arunachal Pradesh is interspersed with acts of success and failure

Caution thrown to the winds

13 Feb 2021 5:42 PM GMT
Last week, I went to a club I have frequented for years now to have a good time with near and dear ones. I discovered only chaos, people shaking hands, hugging, no masks... A few drinks down, total anarchy and idiocy followed. I ran back home. May God please save our souls

A regional construct

30 Jan 2021 5:51 PM GMT
A series of agrarian and missionary uprisings were brought under a single roof by Jaipal Singh to realise the separate statehood for Jharkhand

Buy me a bottle…

23 Jan 2021 5:57 PM GMT
More typically, don’t force me to drink in my father’s car, or cross city borders to get my quota of tipple. I can vote, I can drive, I can sire children, but I can’t drink till my whiskers turn half-white? The non-rationalization of the Minimum Drinking Age norms is a burning issue in many of India’s states. It’s time for radical change

A hard choice? Or not?

16 Jan 2021 5:51 PM GMT
‘Incredible’ may not be the appropriate adjective to describe the event, but incredible indeed it was to watch a sitting President of the United States addressing a boisterous crowd, inciting them to march to the US Capitol, just a mile way. The mayhem and chaos that ensued were simply bound to happen
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