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5 Jun 2020 3:30 PM GMT
As the COVID-19 pandemic takes over the entire world, it is causing widespread concern, fear, anxiety and stress, all because of the uncertainty that is prevailing about the true nature of the virus, the unpredictability of future life on this planet and the many ways it could affect the mankind.There has been much news about the effect of corona virus on CKD and transplant patients. With the series, KIDNEYCARE#COVID19, we are making a sincere effort to address the confusions and fear in the minds of CKD and transplant patients by having straight talks with India's most eminent Nephrologists and Transplant specialists.

Balancing immunity level for post transplant patients is crucial

5 Jun 2020 3:15 PM GMT
Transplant patient at all times walk a tight rope, being severely immune suppressed by transplant medicines being taken religiously to prevent...

Challenges for the Nephrologists and CKD patients during the COVID-19 era

5 Jun 2020 3:00 PM GMT
Covid 19 virus which is now a pandemic with no proven cure or vaccine has turned the world into a turmoil never seen by any of us in our life time. ...

Covid-19: It's not only about the lungs, but also the kidneys

5 Jun 2020 2:45 PM GMT
COVID-19,caused by the novel coronavirus–SARS-CoV-2,commands attention because of the severe acute respiratory illness that accompanies it. However,...

Making transplants safer in the Covid-19 era

5 Jun 2020 2:30 PM GMT
As the pandemic maturates comfortably and announces its unpleasant extended stay in the neighbourhood, the community is learning to shake hands with...

Precautions for CKD and dialysis patients in Corona virus pandemic

5 Jun 2020 2:15 PM GMT
Coronaviruses are common viruses that usually cause a simple cold. When new strains of viruses emerge, they can cause more severe diseases, as seen...
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