Beyond the blues

25 Nov 2023 5:15 PM GMT
The extreme emotional outbursts following India’s defeat in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup final can be explained through a range of psychological...

Foul fabrication

18 Nov 2023 4:38 PM GMT
With the ramifications of deepfake technology unfolding in the practical world, a sense of fear prevails — necessitating the need for meticulous...

Crafting emotional fortitude

11 Nov 2023 4:53 PM GMT
As Children’s Day approaches, parents should strive towards raising emotionally intelligent children to nurture and protect their well-being

Healing touch of compassion

4 Nov 2023 3:35 PM GMT
Acts of kindness not just soothe the bereaved minds and souls of suffering individuals but also elevate the compassionate one’s own moral compass,...

Thriving against obstacles

28 Oct 2023 4:28 PM GMT
ADHD is a lifelong, non-curable neurodevelopmental disorder influenced by a range of factors; it can be successfully treated among affected adults,...

Unseized moment!

21 Oct 2023 3:41 PM GMT
The Supreme Court’s ruling refusing to grant legal recognition of marriages between same-sex couples is a massive setback to the hopes and aspirations...

Shrouded in stigma

7 Oct 2023 3:30 PM GMT
Despite considerable progress made in the domain of mental health awareness and treatment, widespread stigma continues to prevent affected...

Shadows of stardom

30 Sep 2023 3:19 PM GMT
Instead of making individuals immune to mental health problems, fame, by subduing their authentic inner self under glittering external illusions,...

Fortifying cognitive resilience

23 Sep 2023 3:39 PM GMT
Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of the most common types of dementia, cannot be cured, but can be slowed down using a range cognitive and...

Healing with compassion

9 Sep 2023 3:51 PM GMT
As the disturbing trend of suicides exhibits an upward trend in India, the need for awareness and empathetic support has increased more than ever

Reconnecting with reality

2 Sep 2023 3:39 PM GMT
Nomophobia, or the fear and anxiety of missing out on mobile phones, can be addressed through certain strategic practices aimed at minimising our...

Concerted euphoria

26 Aug 2023 3:54 PM GMT
While history was being scripted with the soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on August 23, the entire nation found itself immersed in ‘collective...
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