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Shifting prestige

2 Dec 2022 4:45 PM GMT
Once pioneered by western nations, the idea of soft power diplomacy is gaining traction in Asian countries like Japan, China and India

The future of money

2 Dec 2022 4:26 PM GMT
The Reserve Bank of India has piloted its digital currency, heralding the money revolution

A transformative trail

1 Dec 2022 6:14 PM GMT
A bunch of ongoing ambitious infrastructure projects in Mumbai is set to script an indelible growth story; write Pawan Sain & Nimisha Jha

On an assertive streak

1 Dec 2022 6:09 PM GMT
After successfully getting a loss and damage fund established, the climate change warriors have launched legal actions against unresponsive...

Nexus of Good: Twin solutions

30 Nov 2022 2:06 PM GMT
Water scarcity and forest fires are quite common in hilly tracts of the country and, ironically, these two problems are linked but unaddressed. Here...

Flagbearer of harmony

30 Nov 2022 2:01 PM GMT
Today, India commences its G20 presidency with an action-oriented approach towards introducing a sense of oneness in a conflict-ridden world fighting...

Elemental reprioritisation

29 Nov 2022 4:17 PM GMT
Prioritising drinking water source sustainability, mix-up of nutrient cycle and reuse of treated biosolids and wastewater need attention

Grandiose negotiations

29 Nov 2022 4:12 PM GMT
COP27 was a grand spectacle creating a sense of hyper-action while it actually was about reversing the little gains made till now

Promising prospects

28 Nov 2022 4:45 PM GMT
Tripura's rubber industry presents an exemplary example of balancing economic and ecological development

A necessary rejig

28 Nov 2022 4:42 PM GMT
Revamping the process of selection of CECs and ECs and formulating a law for the same would further strengthen the sanctity of the Election

Talking Shop: When oil runs thin

27 Nov 2022 2:32 PM GMT
Humanity is turning to batteries and electric vehicles, while some are placing their faith in prayer and gas. The smarter ones, though, are tuning...

Playing spy games?

27 Nov 2022 2:28 PM GMT
Resurfacing of mutual allegations of espionage by both China and Canada has taken the ties between the two countries to a fresh low
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