In Retrospect

Governance gridlock

13 April 2024 4:46 PM GMT
The alarming rise in youth unemployment among educated graduates in India has caught the attention of poll-bound electorates, revealing deep flaws in...

Unshackling the vicious chain

20 July 2024 6:37 PM GMT
The ‘gated stagflation’ lingering within the Indian economy is a result of stark wealth and income disparities, necessitating enhanced budgetary...

The new power player

13 July 2024 12:48 PM GMT
AI’s role in redefining workplace dynamics is literally undeniable. As organisations, institutions and employees battle this new technological...

Decoding the ‘bird language’

6 July 2024 12:03 PM GMT
Whistled speech has arisen in at least 80 languages around the world, especially in rugged, mountainous terrain or dense forests, where ordinary...

Assange’s path to freedom

29 Jun 2024 2:17 PM GMT
With Julian Assange walking out free of the Federal Court Building in Saipan, North Marianas Islands after pleading guilty of breaching the US...

Dusk of dominance

22 Jun 2024 1:34 PM GMT
With countries increasingly transitioning to trade in local currencies, driven by their disenchantment with the dominant US dollar, a new world order...

A ticking time bomb

15 Jun 2024 1:45 PM GMT
Data is the new currency — a tool that is enabling information exchange, facilitating transactions at record speeds and flowing across borders,...

Rethinking growth remedies

8 Jun 2024 4:36 PM GMT
With the end of the long election process, the leader of the largest coalition, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), is expected to form the new...

Paramount priorities

1 Jun 2024 1:58 PM GMT
With the fate of candidates already sealed after an elaborate election process for the Lok Sabha, the incoming government is expected to heed to...

Template of tragedy

25 May 2024 5:34 PM GMT
The fatal consequences of Pune hit-and-run case and subsequent leniency exhibited by the judiciary have stirred pressing questions regarding the...

Medical crowdfunding: The way ahead

18 May 2024 2:36 PM GMT
With millions of people having turned to crowdfunding platforms to raise money for medical care and stave off bankruptcy, the exercise remains a...

Spicing it up? Think again

11 May 2024 3:24 PM GMT
From now on, think again before mixing those spices into your savoury dishes as those packaged products can cause cancer too
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