Beyond Bygone

Uttam Kumar: Crowning jewel of Bengali cinema

23 July 2022 7:44 PM GMT
July 24 marks the demise of a one-man-institution in Uttam Kumar who acted, sang, composed music, and produced and directed films to cine lovers’...

Why did she do it?

18 Dec 2021 5:38 PM GMT
It is still a mystery why Farideh Vakil agreed to the non-remunerative and anonymous act of letting her body inscribed with the credits of ‘A Fair...

Govindrao Tembe: A polymath

8 May 2021 5:21 PM GMT
Respectfully known as Guni Govind in Maharashtra, the self-taught musician tried his hands at the various art of the industry — each time with a...

The undefeated humanist

8 May 2021 5:14 PM GMT
Tagore’s valiant experience through pandemics and his personal tragedy find reflection in his literature that pinpoints the undying human spirit — the...

Jamal Sen: protagonist of a tragic tale

24 April 2021 6:12 PM GMT
His enchanting fusion music across various dialects lent life and permanence to many films those would have otherwise lost in the darkness of box...

Eternal in essence

17 April 2021 6:30 PM GMT
The Vedas and Upanishads are the oldest storehouses of knowledge that answer complex realities of human life

Looking back at Kieslowski

30 Jan 2021 5:54 PM GMT
Exploring the style and themes used by Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski through analysis of four of his many iconic works

Jaddanbai of vision and resilience

1 Aug 2020 5:56 PM GMT
In the early talkies era, Jaddanbai played a pioneering role — started off as an actress, became one of the first women producers, directed films and...

Fount of wisdom

20 Jun 2020 6:33 PM GMT
PV Narasimha Rao — the visionary, the innovator and the architect of modern India — remembered by Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao and VJM Divakar, in...

Leh, with love

20 Jun 2020 6:30 PM GMT
An account of the writer’s journey through Leh — a land of extraordinary natural beauty and dense cultural history — with the mission of organising...

Lost in oblivion Nashad

15 Feb 2020 2:30 PM GMT
Often confused with the maestro Naushad Ali, Nashad nevertheless made a name for himself in the industry, being involved in 29 films over 16 years...

An illustrious music composer Khurshid Anwar

25 Jan 2020 12:59 PM GMT
A musical stalwart surrounded by traditional scions of musical lineage, Khawaja gained tremendous popularity both in India and Pakistan, gaining...
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