Epic Power

Curious tale of King Sagara

21 March 2020 3:51 PM GMT
Moving on to part 12, we are an audience to Sage Vishvamita’s narration of the tale of Emperor Sagara and the follies committed by his sixty...

The legend of Ganga

14 March 2020 2:08 PM GMT
In part eleven, we join Sage Vishvamita as he recounts the story behind the birth of god Kartikeya and its connection to Ganga and her three-way path

The genesis of Sage Vishvamitra

7 March 2020 2:53 PM GMT
In part ten, Sage Vishvamitra recounts the storied history of his family – a tale of virtue, valour, spite, misfortune, divine intervention and...

Rama defending the ritual ground

29 Feb 2020 2:28 PM GMT
In part nine, Ram and Lakshman carry out their defence of Vishvamitra’s ritual against the demonic onslaught and emerge victorious, restoring the...

Rama, the vanquisher of Tataka

22 Feb 2020 1:26 PM GMT
In part eight, we witness the epic struggle between heroic Ram and demonic Tataka and the granting of divine weaponary and hymns by a grateful...

Kausalya Supraja Rama

15 Feb 2020 2:04 PM GMT
In part seven, we follow the journey of Ram and Lakshman along the River Sarayu as they are led by Sage Vishvamitra into the foreboding demon forest...

Sage Vishvamitra's encounter with Dasharatha

8 Feb 2020 1:19 PM GMT
In part six, we see Sage Vishvamitra come to Dasharatha with an urgent request for Ram’s help, how Dasharatha hesitates due to a father’s love and how...


1 Feb 2020 2:09 PM GMT
In part five, we witness the birth and childhood of Ram and his brothers, blessed and virtuous, even as the gods prepare for the eventual battle...

Divine intervention

25 Jan 2020 1:14 PM GMT
In the fourth part of this epic retelling, we witness a gathering of gods, united in order to bless the birth of the virtuous Rama who would rid them...

Birth of the saviour

18 Jan 2020 4:14 PM GMT
In part three of this retelling, the story takes us to the beautiful and virtuous city of Ayodhya, seat of power of the great king Dasharatha and...

Towards Revelation

11 Jan 2020 2:32 PM GMT
Continuing on from last time, this part finds Sage Valmiki through the grace of Lord Brahma being made witness to the entire story of Rama so that he...

Ramayana: An epic(al) depiction (Part 1)

4 Jan 2020 2:49 PM GMT
Auspicious Beginnings In the first of a series explaining The Ramayana, this is the story of how Valmiki was picked to write it, how Narada...
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