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The moment of truth

26 Nov 2022 6:51 PM GMT
Failures at the Asia Cup and ICC World Cup call for dogmatic changes as Team India has crucial assignments in 2022 and 2023

Galloping drug menace

26 Nov 2022 6:29 PM GMT
Thanks to the emergence of a diverse set of inflow routes, there has been a spurt in narcotic seizers in India over the past couple of years — further...

Of profound fecundity

26 Nov 2022 6:21 PM GMT
Conspiracy theories and apprehensions notwithstanding, experts opine that Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11 is safe from health perspective and can enhance crop...

Caregiving in disguise

19 Nov 2022 9:19 PM GMT
Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a rare, treatable mental disorder associated with caretakers who intentionally create or exaggerate symptoms in...

Harmonising the flowing borders

19 Nov 2022 9:13 PM GMT
By maximising economic benefits without compromising on ecosystem's sustainability, IWRM can accommodate differences in riparian rights perspective...

Flavour of life

19 Nov 2022 9:09 PM GMT
Characterised by high pungency and gingerol content, Mizoram’s ginger has not only a multitude of applicability, but is also an ‘intimate part’ of the...

The great gala begins

19 Nov 2022 9:05 PM GMT
Ending a long wait, football legends from 32 countries are set to give their best across eight extra lavish venues of Qatar to excel in the supreme...

Ending in a stalemate?

19 Nov 2022 8:52 PM GMT
The increasingly vocal stance of developing nations at COP27 towards the materialisation of 'loss and damage' funding has raised some hopes around...

Exquisite patterns

12 Nov 2022 2:32 PM GMT
Duplication of GI-tagged Kota Doria fabric which is defined by its check patterns and transparent texture, has stripped the craft’s practitioners of...

Perform or perish

12 Nov 2022 2:30 PM GMT
The benumbing defeat at the hands of England in semi-final is a reminder that BCCI must review the roles of Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma as they...

An unattended enigma

12 Nov 2022 2:25 PM GMT
Men’s Health Awareness Month is celebrated throughout November to educate and promote global awareness of men’s physical and mental health

Foul play?

12 Nov 2022 2:14 PM GMT
The Morbi bridge collapse killing scores of people is yet another symptom of governance failure at the highest level — resulting from unholy nexuses...
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