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CEO speaks: Beyond the brand

15 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
The University Grants Commission (UGC)’s “Setting Up and Operation of Campuses of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions in India” (FHEIs) initiative...

CEO speaks: Challenging the real barriers

9 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
So, the story begins like this… In 1908, about 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to...

Women spearheading change in education leadership

9 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Inclusivity and diversity are essential for accomplishing a learning environment that values & embraces different perspectives & experiences

Trending courses

9 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Advanced Programme For Senior Marketing Professionals from IIM Lucknow

Far-fetched reality: Gender pay parity

9 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Women are 267.6 years away from gender parity in the area of economic participation & opportunity, according to the World Economic Forum

Breaking the glass ceiling

9 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
From climbing mountains to scripting sporting history, women are paving the way for others. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we bring you...

Need of the hour for India

1 March 2023 5:54 PM GMT
Today, the perception that entrepreneurial ventures are risky no longer holds weight in people’s minds. However, higher education institutions must...

Your ideas can build a better future

1 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Entrepreneurship is about identifying the best idea and creating opportunities. Entrepreneurship education can generate employment, formulate...

CEO Speaks

1 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit: Crucial role of parents

Trending courses

1 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Programmes in Marketing Management & Strategic Management from IIM KozhikodeA contextually designed 12-month programme in marketing management for...

Down memory lane

1 March 2023 5:30 PM GMT
Steve Jobs: An inventor

Airbus joins hands with IISc to advance aerospace

22 Feb 2023 6:00 PM GMT
On growth trajectory: ‘Partnership with IISc will foster potential synergies in the aeronautical sector that will help develop the next generation of...
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