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US reviewing airstrike that killed 200 Iraqis

27 March 2017 8:31 AM GMT
In addition to the March 17 airstrike in western Mosul, the Central Command is reviewing a March 16 airstrike near a mosque in al-Jinnah, Syria.

Don’t repeat Iraq mistake, Russia warns America

15 Jun 2013 1:38 AM GMT
Russia said on Friday US data on the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons was ‘unconvincing,’ and warned Washington against repeating the...

Iraq death toll passes 500 in May

29 May 2013 1:02 AM GMT
Violence in Iraq has killed more than 500 people in May, AFP figures showed on Tuesday, as authorities struggled to contain a wave of unrest that has...

107 killed in blast and shootings in Iraq

24 July 2012 1:10 AM GMT
An onslaught of bombings and shootings killed 107 people across Iraq on Monday, officials said, in the nation’s deadliest day so far this year.The...

9,000 refugees reach Iraq

23 July 2012 12:39 AM GMT
Iraq’s Kurdish region has received up to 9,000 Syrian refugees looking to flee their homeland following ongoing violence, Xinhua quoted a Kurdish...

36 killed in Iraq attacks

4 July 2012 2:17 AM GMT
A truck bomb blamed on al-Qaeda killed 25 people at a crowded market in central Iraq on Tuesday while attacks elsewhere claimed 11 lives, the latest...

Sixteen die in Baghdad blasts

1 Jun 2012 4:10 AM GMT
A spate of bombings in Baghdad on Thursday killed at least 16 people and wounded dozens more, shattering a relative calm with the capital's deadliest...

'India declined to sell nuclear technology'

31 May 2012 1:32 AM GMT
India declined to sell nuclear technology to Iran, Iraq and Libya in the 1980s in spite of being offered 'huge' sums of money, said a leading defence...
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