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Bhopinder Singh

Bhopinder Singh

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The 'born-dead' plan

24 July 2019 6:29 PM GMT
Trump’s Middle East peace plan casts a shadow on the sovereignty of Palestine

Susceptibility to stoked vulnerabilities

17 July 2019 5:25 PM GMT
Reeling under historical socio-economic challenges, our diverse society needs to be safeguarded from the additional burden of inflammatory rhetoric

Shedding the electioneering jet lag

13 Jun 2019 4:48 PM GMT
Hope for a new India is envisaged post elections, and that must ensure inclusive and holistic governance

The enigma of the Captain

28 May 2019 4:35 PM GMT
Captain Amarinder's armada withstood the Modi wave even as his party was decimated outside Punjab

Dimming constitutional spirit

10 May 2019 4:57 PM GMT
The diatribe in Puducherry suggests a fight for supremacy amongst the politically driven equals

The rename game

7 Jan 2019 2:29 PM GMT
Cherry-picking history for the renaming logic at Andaman and Nicobar islands not only hurts the tourism industry but also highlights the questionable intent

India 1991, Pakistan 2018

17 Dec 2018 3:18 PM GMT
Reeling under a crippling debt of $100 billion, Pakistan faces a quagmire that requires holistic reforms to prevent definite disaster

Hands off but eyes on

27 Nov 2018 3:45 PM GMT
Portents of ‘White man’s burden’ in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Beyond policy lines

16 Oct 2018 4:12 PM GMT
Allowing Pakistan an ‘enemy’ is key for relative peace

Challenges to 'resetting' ties

30 Sep 2018 4:48 PM GMT
Pakistan must note Secretary Pompeo’s words on how it needs to take sustained measures against terrorists threatening regional peace and stability

India pivots US-Sino calculus

29 Aug 2018 4:59 PM GMT
India has struggled for decades to convince the West of Chinese ambitions in the Subcontinent

Man of many colours

26 July 2018 2:35 PM GMT
By protecting the nefarious Zakir Naik in Malaysia, Mohamad Mahathir is reinforcing a radical pro-Islam stance without deliberating upon the consequences.
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