Millennium Post

A force multiplier

22 Oct 2020 4:55 PM GMT
While uncertain in sustainability, the one-party system nevertheless affords China great power in leveraging its military-industrial complex for desired strategic outcomes

Age no bar

10 Sep 2020 4:11 PM GMT
While the approaching US Presidential Elections have brought the factor of age to the centre stage, innumerable examples show that it is moral leadership and not age that matters

Not giving an inch

23 Jun 2020 6:28 PM GMT
At a time when Chinese aggression at the border is once again flaring up, it is relevant to remember the fearless exploits of Lt General Sagat Singh in the face of such misadventures

Dismounting the steed

3 Jun 2020 5:18 PM GMT
Replacement of the tradition of horses in the illustrious 61-Cavalry regiment due to arbitrary cost-cutting is a decision that discounts the value of tradition in the Armed Forces

Reimagining processed foods

5 May 2020 5:54 PM GMT
A typically underappreciated and unwanted addition to our daily meals, processed food nevertheless has real potential to help the nation in such times of need if it is innovated upon

Unobvious heroes

14 April 2020 5:23 PM GMT
In the post-COVID world, it will be the actions of a heroic few — obvious or otherwise — in trying times that will be used as the yardstick for responsible corporate behaviour

Silver lining in dark clouds

30 March 2020 3:23 PM GMT
In the gloomy discourse surrounding the unfolding Coronavirus tragedy, stories of selfless and heroic emergency service providers are inspirational to society at large

Dubious at best

21 Feb 2020 4:22 PM GMT
Adnan Sami’s questionable defence in the Padma Shri controversy shows that rabblerousing is the preserve of politicians and not confident patriots or artists

Not just Veterans

28 Nov 2019 4:45 PM GMT
A common code of conduct for the entire armed forces is needed for them to introspect and regain their rectitude and apolitical bearing

Questioning the Nobel?

20 Nov 2019 3:27 PM GMT
Mixing the most revered, sought-after and exalted symbol of professional recognition with a partisan or political flavour is sheer disrespect of the prize and its winners

The 'born-dead' plan

24 July 2019 6:29 PM GMT
Trump’s Middle East peace plan casts a shadow on the sovereignty of Palestine

Susceptibility to stoked vulnerabilities

17 July 2019 5:25 PM GMT
Reeling under historical socio-economic challenges, our diverse society needs to be safeguarded from the additional burden of inflammatory rhetoric
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