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Tanya Mathur

Tanya Mathur

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Of Stories Within A Story

23 Oct 2016 5:23 PM GMT
Have you ever come across a book that defies all laws (if there are any) of bookwriting? For those who have, I envy you. For the rest... Tied In...

23 and a half ways TO GET LUCKY

16 Oct 2016 5:08 PM GMT
While I was starting the book I knew that I was in for a roller coaster ride. The master of witty humor is back again, this time with ‘numbered’ ways...

All About Money

16 Oct 2016 3:16 PM GMT
Like every other festival, Diwali, too, has a backstory that explains the reason behind its grandeur. Families follow myriad customs. These customs,...

Love in a metro

9 Oct 2016 3:41 PM GMT
A book on Delhi is not a new thing. Every aspect of the city has been explored by one writer or the other. Delhi Metro, on the other hand, can still...


25 Sep 2016 7:18 PM GMT
Born in a conservative Sikh family, somewhere in the heart of Punjab, Rajjo was always a dreamer. Her family of six (three sisters, a brother and...

Of Womb and Diplomacy

4 Sep 2016 8:48 PM GMT
Amidst the ongoing surrogacy debate, author Pinki Virani comes out with a book that is no less of a revelation. Politics Of The Womb draws on...

Celebrating a doomed future?

28 Aug 2016 7:39 PM GMT
For the uninformed, almost all parts of the country celebrated a one-day festival last Thursday, Janmashtami. It is an annual celebration of the...

Rules wrecked

21 Aug 2016 7:59 PM GMT
A wave of student unrest swept over the campus of Christ University (Bannerghatta Road) after an undergraduate student took to social media to voice...

Radio Melange ‘From parampara to pragati’

7 Aug 2016 8:05 PM GMT
Years ago there was a time when radio had been written off in India. The advent of video culture had killed its predecessor, but it soon bounced back...

Art of Sacred Indian Mime

31 July 2016 7:36 PM GMT
India – with its rich culture and heritage – is all about colour, essence of music and a multitude of classical arts. Indian classical arts are often...

Bose and beyond

10 July 2016 9:19 PM GMT
Sisir was close to his uncle Subhas and helped him escape his home imprisonment in India. “Uncle Subhas’s habit of working till very late was known...

Game changers

3 July 2016 6:40 PM GMT
Women in Bollywood have always made news. However, for some time now, they are creating ripples in the male-dominated entertainment industry for...
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