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Of Stories Within A Story

Have you ever come across a book that defies all laws (if there are any) of bookwriting? For those who have, I envy you. For the rest... Tied In Knots is the ultimate stop for you. 

As soon as I picked up this book, looking at its cover, I wondered if the book would be at par with my expectations. 

Would it’s story be interesting, with a plot full of twists and turns that would stay with me for long or would it be yet another disappointing ‘life after marriage’ story that would get shoved to at the back of my bookshelf?

Thankfully, Tied In Knots turned out to be completely different. This book grabs the reader by its eyeballs from the first page itself and the continuing pages make it difficult to let go of. 

It will leave you wanting more... More of the twists and the turns. The author, Tehzeeb Doctor, will leave you in complete awe of her simplistic yet comprehensive writing. 

The story starts with the female protagonist- Shaista. A wedding planner by profession, Shaista is living the life she has always dreamt of. 

Married to a handsome, kind-hearted and funny Nirvaan, Shaista considers herself truly blessed. The cheerful couple also have a young daughter named Mia. The plot progresses with a few handful twists, starting with Shaista’s brother-in-law Krish’ coming out of the closet.

The trio, Shaista, her husband and Krish, try and break the news to their parents who go completely beserk after hearing what their son has to say about himself. An expected drama then unfolds. 

Other than this family emergency, Shaista also faces some challenges at work with of her clients - a soon-to-be bride Anushka, who is pinned down between her wedding preparations and her family, and a couple going through a false pregnancy alarm!

With the first few chapters done, the readers will come across a vivid pattern. A pattern where the author simultaneously runs four different stories which are all part of one big storyline. The subplots together, keep the reader engaged.

The story further progresses with  three leads: Shaista, Anushka and Ria. The author impressively writes about how these women emerge out victoriously from the tangled web of human relationships that often result in pain and heart break.

Shaista discovers that tying knots is neither a beginning nor the culmination of a relationship. Human relationships often challenge or break free from conventions and socical institutions. 

As you continue reading the last few pages, the plot twists  seem never-ending. Krish (the brother-in-law), moves into an apartment with his partner Kabir. Anushka’s mother announces the presence of a new man in her life shortly after the former’s wedding. 

These incidents not only fascinating swivels in the storyline but they also extend the boundary of the bold new world created by the author in her book. 

Pared off by Shaista’s keen eyes, urban life has rarely been chronicled in so many shades and nuances. 

Doctor has written with verve that unfolds a very readable narrative.
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