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23 and a half ways TO GET LUCKY

While I was starting the book I knew that I was in for a roller coaster ride. The master of witty humor is back again, this time with ‘numbered’ ways to make girls fall for you. You heard me right! 

23 1/2 Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You is arguably the most incorrect piece of work written. Do not take this book as a ‘how to go about it guide’, for it is much more. 

Eclipsing even Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, this book is a huge mathematical error. However, once you can bypass the glaring mistakes, which only end two pages after the book is over, there is plenty of information to be gleaned by the novice male lover-to-be. 

Although very little of that information will be helpful, I’m sure you’ll will definitely find the effort throughout the book. Only in two species do males and females understand each other perfectly.

But too much has already been written about the spider and the pigeon. Sadly, very little is known about the human male. This is a sincere effort by the author, to make sure that this remains so!!

Cyrus Broacha, the most famous MTV VJ, is also a beloved stand-up comedian and noted prankster. Best known for his show Bakra, Cyrus has also anchored a hugely popular news satire show, The Week That Wasn’t.

The entire book is made up of letters that people have written to our very own agony uncle, Cyrus Broacha. We have everyone from the senior citizen who is looking for a second lease of a love life to the 13-year-old boy who is just discovering his feelings for girls (or in his case, older women) write in with their queries, some hilarious, some adorable but all absolutely ridiculous. 

Cyrus records his responses to them which are equally ridiculous as well as hilarious. He covers roadside romeos, teachers, colleagues and even that creepy guy who stares at you from his balcony or window and assumes, that since you know he exists, you must love him too.

What I really appreciated about this is that the humour was absolutely clean. Broacha doesn’t take to vulgarity in order to earn a giggle.

In fact he keeps it as PG13 as possible with as little references to weewees and hoohoos, keeping most of his comedy directed at the romantically challenged Indian male’s psyche.

If you are familiar with Cyrus Broacha’s style of comedy and you enjoy it, this is definitely something you would enjoy.

I find his humour enjoyable so needless to say, I enjoyed this book quite well. While there are portions where he goes off on a monologue and it deflects from the actual comedy in that letter, it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the book overall.

This is a book you’d enjoy if you read it in one sitting, in fact it’ll take away from the humour if you do that. Instead, slip this into your backpack or desk and read it whenever you want a little laugh to brighten your day. 

That’s how I read it. I kept it in my handbag and took to reading four or five letters every time I was free and I spent the day cackling like a mad woman. I may have earned a few weird stares but it was totally worth it. So pick it up for that laughter riot!
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