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Trying to save Mother Nature

14 July 2012 2:46 AM GMT
Environment is the new pet cause for many. And in the process, a lot of them are doing a good job of highlighting what ails Mother Nature. Take for...

Give back our greens

14 July 2012 2:31 AM GMT
In a welcome move, the union environment ministry has prepared a detailed guideline that will not only boost eco-tourism efforts near wildlife...

The gains of Rio+20

12 July 2012 4:03 AM GMT
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in June in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has had significant outcomes. It was perhaps too...

The carbon tax trade battle

11 July 2012 3:12 AM GMT
A trade battle and an escalating diplomatic row between trading partners European Union and India is taking place caused by the EU's unilateral...

How green is ‘green’?

11 July 2012 3:10 AM GMT
In recent times environmental issues have found mention in the Indian print and online media. It is heartening — or depressing, depending on the...

UN to raise $400 bn yearly for development

7 July 2012 2:55 AM GMT
The United Nations [UN] has planned to raise $400 billion every year for development and global challenges such as fighting climate change.‘The UN is...

'Save Ganga' protest to hit Delhi

23 May 2012 8:22 AM GMT
Taking the cudgel against the union government, Hindu seers headed by Shankacharya Swami Swapornand Saraswati would stage a protest in the national...

Sanjay Lake on last legs?

14 May 2012 4:44 AM GMT
Environmentalists and morning walkers of Mayur Vihar claim that Sanjay Lake in East Delhi is shrinking by the day. The ongoing concretisation of...

Delhi to get underwater world

8 May 2012 1:00 AM GMT
If you had any doubts about Delhi getting international, now is the time to shed them. Expats are growing in numbers, restaurants serving global...

Spare sparrows from misery

8 May 2012 12:19 AM GMT
Thanks to an innovative conservation idea, promoted by a group of youngsters in Ghaziabad, sparrows can chirp their way in and out of houses, without...

Pacific islands 'may become refuges for corals, fish'

30 April 2012 7:31 PM GMT
The Pacific islands may become isolated refuges for corals and fish when ocean temperatures rise in the equatorial Pacific by the end of the century...
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