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Trying to save Mother Nature

Trying to save Mother Nature
Environment is the new pet cause for many. And in the process, a lot of them are doing a good job of highlighting what ails Mother Nature. Take for example artist Gunjan Malaviya Dwivedi, who has created art out of waste material. Her paintings and sculptures have been made using waste plastic bottles, broken pieces of buckets and thermocol, and mostly things you would throw away.

The idea of doing something like this came to her about three years ago and within two weeks of that, she had already started executing the idea.

‘The aim is to do something for a better future of our planet and also bring about a consciousness among people to save the earth,’ says Dwivedi  who has been living in Delhi for five years now.

The artist is aware that her creations might not have a market. But that thought does not perturb her. ‘Although these kind of paintings do not have much market and neither will I get a good response, yet I am driven by the cause,’ she says. The artist says that despite poor response she will continue to create art out of garbage because she holds the cause dear.

The paintings here have been framed using broken pieces of a plasma television. There are also paintings where a child is playing with the globe which conveys the message that we have already been playing with the earth and if we continue the trend we might be running out of resources.

Also on exhibit is a figure of Buddha that has been made out of waste that she collected over time. ‘Through this, I wanted to bring out the story of Budhha meditating in Bodh Gaya. Here, Budhha’s setting expresses the concern of the fast disappearing trees, and Buddha wonders if the Bodhi tree has also been cut off,’ she explains. Khoj shows a person climbing on a globe to highlight that very soon we might have to search for another planet to live in if we do not use our resources efficiently.

The exhibition gets us thinking about the effects of global warming.


At: Lalit kala Academy, Mandi House
Till: 14 July, 10 am to 7 pm
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