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Why are some women more likely to feel depressed

19 July 2017 8:30 AM GMT
A lesser menstrual cycle over the lifespan as well as earlier menopause may explain why only some women are vulnerable to the risk of depression,...

Lena Headey opens up on struggle with anxiety

16 April 2017 5:20 AM GMT
The 43-year-old added that she wasn't surprised so many people today are suffering from anxiety of some sort.

Chia: your daily dose of happiness

10 April 2017 3:53 PM GMT
Chia is one of the richest sources of plant based omega-3 fats for vegetarians. It is estimated that the cultures who have been consuming Chia as part of their regular diet do better than others in mental health.

Telemedicine can fill in for mental health professionals' shortage: Mukherjee

7 April 2017 2:06 PM GMT
Globally, 322 million people were estimated to be suffering from depression in 2015, equivalent to 4.3 per cent of the world's population.

Depressed IIT-Delhi student attempts suicide

29 March 2017 8:24 AM GMT
Ninteen-year-old Nitish Kumar Purthick, who hails from Ranchi, was admitted to AIIMS trauma centre in a critical condition.

Depressed financial analyst kills himself

31 May 2012 1:49 AM GMT
A 30-year-old financial analyst of a multinational company committed suicide in Millennium City Gurgaon on Wednesday. He jumped from the seventh floor ...

Three kill themselves

25 May 2012 7:55 AM GMT
Three people, including a 14-year-old girl committed suicide in three separate incidents in the capital.In the first incident, a 26-year-old woman,...

Man hangs himself in Gurgaon

14 May 2012 5:12 AM GMT
A 27-year-old married man committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Sector-10 of Gurgaon. The deceased was identified as Sachin.'Sachin was...

The problem of suicide

10 May 2012 1:20 AM GMT
While this paper does not dispute the ownership of his or her body by a person nor the right that accrues from this to terminate life as well – as in...
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