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Barun Das Gupta

Barun Das Gupta

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Nightmare for Bengalis in Assam

12 July 2019 4:45 PM GMT
National Register of Citizens puts at risk the citizenship of four million people

Neighbourhood strides

11 Jun 2019 2:45 PM GMT
India’s assistance to its neighbours is necessary to fend off China’s economic colonialism which has already expanded to an ominous extent

Strengthening relations

2 Jun 2019 2:39 PM GMT
Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Malé will enhance bilateral ties between the Indian Ocean neighbours

A costly fallout

25 April 2019 4:34 PM GMT
Rift between the President and PM of Sri Lanka due to earlier political crisis led to failure in preventing the attacks despite intel

Greeting the old ally

15 April 2019 4:33 PM GMT
Drastic political changes in the Maldives have facilitated a new era of friendship and cooperation with India

Challenges ahead

29 March 2019 3:27 PM GMT
NRC may boomerang on BJP in the Northeast as many regional parties are distancing from saffrons

A novel concept for India

4 March 2019 4:14 PM GMT
‘Pre-emptive strike’ has grave implications for two nuclear neighbours

Geostrategic standpoint

26 Dec 2018 2:18 PM GMT
With China’s rising indulgence in Asia’s geopolitical scenario, India needs to wean away its smaller neighbours from Beijing’s influence

B'desh: Divided opposition

22 Nov 2018 5:05 PM GMT
Divided parties have knocked together a National United Front of eight parties with Dr. Kamal Hossain as its leader in the absence of Khaleda Zia

Between crisis and rivalry

13 Nov 2018 4:20 PM GMT
As democratic turmoil prevails in Sri Lanka, New Delhi stays wary of a creeping Beijing arm-twisting a severely indebted Colombo

Blue-water powerhouse

8 Nov 2018 4:22 PM GMT
With China rising as a key player in the Indian Ocean Region, India’s growing Naval strength augurs its stronghold in home waters

Change in post-poll Maldives

9 Oct 2018 4:14 PM GMT
India stands better chance to recover lost ground in the island nation
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