Devi dialogues in Delhi

31 March 2024 4:37 PM GMT
A brilliant talk of the divine feminine happened at the India Habitat Centre’s Gulmohar Hall on March 28. ‘The Dance of Kali’ by ‘Shubhi Publications’...

Shaktism to reign at the Bloomsbury Festival of London

11 Oct 2023 3:53 PM GMT
As Navratri is about to take over and ‘Divine Feminine’ reigns our part of the world, our hearts spill over with the mantra ‘Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu,...

Portraying feminism through dance and Vedic chants

24 Aug 2023 5:58 PM GMT
This summer, the UK parliament saw a performance of ‘Sohinimoksha’ at the hallowed halls of ‘The House of Commons’, where feminism was portrayed with...

On a mission of merging art and dance

25 Jan 2023 4:02 PM GMT
From the snow-covered Alps to the seafront in Puri and from the botanical gardens of St Andrews, Scotland, to the Government Senior Secondary School...

Sohini Roychowdhury Launches Her Book 'Indian Stage Stories'

8 Dec 2022 4:24 PM GMT
On November 17, the House of Commons in the United Kingdom witnessed Sohini Roychowdhury's fiery speech and the stage stories of a dancer whose...
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