Nexus of Good: Radiance of courage

30 Nov 2023 12:27 PM GMT
‘Himmat’ has been awarded the annual Nexus of Good award for its successful and replicable model for empowering tribal women in Chhattisgarh

Nexus of Good: An inclusive pursuit

23 Nov 2023 4:19 AM GMT
Beginning from Chhattisgarh, Indus Action aims to bridge the gap between policy and action with a vision to realise the dream of inclusive education...

Nexus of Good: Exemplary outreach

15 Nov 2023 1:31 PM GMT
Through its scalable partnership model, Oasis has been successfully implementing life education programmes for teachers and students across India, and...

Nexus of Good: Prosperity under the Sun

8 Nov 2023 12:01 PM GMT
For seven year, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme has been spearheading a silent revolution in North Bihar by grooming entrepreneurs who would...

Nexus of Good: Breakthrough technology

1 Nov 2023 12:05 PM GMT
The Nexus of Good Award to David Gandhi for initiating Sloping Agriculture Land Technology in Northeastern states will boost his efforts towards...

Nexus of Good: A bridge for efficiency

25 Oct 2023 1:07 PM GMT
Muktangan has been given the Nexus of Good Award for its sustained efforts to ensure integration and synergy among the child, teachers, parents and...

Nexus of Good Award: Catalysing change

18 Oct 2023 1:18 PM GMT
With its meticulous preparation, the district administration of tribal-dominated Dantewada has garnered unprecedented community participation though...

Nexus of Good: Pages of progress

11 Oct 2023 1:04 PM GMT
The Nexus of Good Award to Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Karnataka, is an acknowledgement of its efforts towards instituting...

Nexus of Good: Oasis of optimism

4 Oct 2023 1:05 PM GMT
Fighting collaboratively against the dark realities of child sexual abuse, Arpan has emerged as a beacon of hope by preventing the scourge and healing...

Nexus of Good: A nourishing legacy

27 Sep 2023 12:17 PM GMT
Akshay Patra, which has collaborated with state governments to provide high-quality mid-day meals to students, is one among the recipients of the...

Nexus of Good: Futuristic endeavour

20 Sep 2023 12:21 PM GMT
In sync with the NEP, project ‘Ka Lawei: The Future’ is leveraging technology in East Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya to transform the educational...

Nexus of Good: Crusading through advocacy

13 Sep 2023 1:05 PM GMT
Through his effective advocacy, steadfast commitment and fruitful channelisation of tribals’ spirited support, Pradeep Karuturi managed to facilitate...
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