Millennium Post

How old is 'old'?

29 Nov 2021 2:43 PM GMT
A sense of ‘immaturity’ can ward off the woes that ageing comes with, regardless of the notion one holds about old age

An accomplished life

11 Oct 2021 1:04 PM GMT
An adroit bureaucrat and a person of passionate heart, Shakti Sinha abandoned the Earth but only after relishing his life to the utmost potential

Virtual guardian angels

3 Aug 2021 1:02 PM GMT
A plethora of misinformation circulating over the internet claims to offer a solution to everything — from curing chronic illnesses to the most...

Universally applicable

5 July 2021 2:12 PM GMT
Though Gresham’s law relates to economics, it can be extended to all walks of life where bad things are adopted faster than the good

Colonial canine conundrum

12 Jun 2021 3:13 PM GMT
Is the Western nomenclature of dogs in India a coincidently adopted practice or has it descended upon us from our erstwhile masters?

Lost in bandwidth

3 Jun 2021 10:57 AM GMT
Having braced the comic aspects of the follies and foibles of web-conferencing for such long, we now yearn for the old in-person meets
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