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'Trump accepts Xi's invitation to China'

7 April 2017 5:35 PM GMT
Trump accepted the invitation with pleasure, and hoped to make the trip at an early date, Xinhua reported.

Trade, N Korea pose challenges as Trump prepares to meet Xi

6 April 2017 5:02 PM GMT
Trump promised during the 2016 campaign to stop what he called the theft of American jobs by China and rebuild the country’s manufacturing base.

'Not natural friends': Trump, Xi will be 'odd couple' at first summit

4 April 2017 5:37 PM GMT
Topping the agenda at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida will be whether he will make good on his threat to use crucial US-China trade ties to pressure Beijing to do more to rein in its nuclear-armed neighbor North Korea, which is working to develop missiles capable of hitting the United States.

Xi leaves for his first summit with Donald Trump

4 April 2017 5:26 PM GMT
Ahead of the summit, Chinese and US officials held talks to ensure that the first summit is a complete success amid tough assertions by Trump that Washington will act alone if Beijing failed to take a tougher stand against N Korea’s nuclear weapons programme.

Which Trump will Xi meet at Mar-a-Lago?

4 April 2017 4:12 PM GMT
China may opt for chess as America goes for checkers, writes Mayank Chhaya .

Xi to meet Trump in US next week

30 March 2017 10:18 AM GMT
Xi will meet Trump at the latter's private residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where the two are expected to discuss bilateral commercial relations.
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