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PRONAM: A friend in need

14 Sep 2019 12:55 PM GMT
Kolkata Police’s Pronam initiative that attends to the elderly living alone in the city has emerged as an unlikely friend for many who are nearing the dusk of their lives

Muharram: A tale of tears

7 Sep 2019 1:22 PM GMT
A day of quiet mourning and inner reflection, Muharram carries messages essential in today's world of tyranny, fierce competition and unnecessary muscle-flexing

The Uncelebrated Composer - Chitragupta

31 Aug 2019 1:08 PM GMT
Chitragupta’s music was greatly influenced by colloquial Bhojpuri musical traditions – naturally, his most devout audience belonged to that linguistic belt

The Emeritus Composer: SN Tripathi

24 Aug 2019 1:15 PM GMT
Many creative artistes have achieved greatness and immortality in the Indian film industry but only a few have displayed the range of versatility that SN Tripathi did with such consummate ease

For your Monsoon Munchies

10 Aug 2019 2:18 PM GMT
Though western diets have quietly taken centre-stage, we mustn't forget the true benefits hidden in our own traditional recipes that are both lip-smacking and mindful of boosting immunity


3 Aug 2019 1:09 PM GMT
India ranks third in the world in terms of high quality research publications in artificial intelligence (AI) but when parsed by metric citations, we stand fifth– only to suggests that we must work at improving the quality of our research outputs in AI


27 July 2019 1:22 PM GMT
The Banchchada community is infamous in Madhya Pradesh for pushing their girl children into prostitution. “Customers” can rape young girls in these districts for as less as Rs 100

Britain's Perpetuated Necessity

20 July 2019 1:45 PM GMT
The UK is due to leave the European Union on October 31, 2019 , more than three years after the Brexit referendum passed by 51.9 per cent – however, a deal doesn’t seem much closer

Flipside of Fad Diets

13 July 2019 1:41 PM GMT
If skipping meals is a bad idea, then how about eating low carb meals? And if you are not the soup and salad type, then you could attempt the keto...


6 July 2019 2:03 PM GMT
Violent use of guns in contemporary times seems to have unsettled peace across the national capital – the authorities need to curtail the supply of illegal firearms

An India across the sea

29 Jun 2019 4:04 PM GMT
‘Kamboja-Desa’ of our Puranas, Cambodia shares rich geographical, civilisational and cultural ties with India that are today being overpowered by Chinese omnipresence


22 Jun 2019 3:51 PM GMT
In a diet crazy world, the go-to mantra seems to be 'fat free' – but little can be more dangerous. Fats are essential to our well-being and we must be wise in distinguishing the good fat from the bad fat while planning our diet
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