Millennium Post

Stalled evolution of Railways

16 Nov 2018 4:54 PM GMT
Sumit Mitra elaborates how it is a massive challenge to modernise the ailing Indian Railways, balancing costs and welfare

Media Varying contours

22 May 2018 1:31 PM GMT
Over time, the ever formidable Press has been reduced to shambles; yet, the crisis isn't as devastating as was once approximated.

Cong doubles efforts to curb onion prices

15 Aug 2013 10:42 PM GMT
Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday directed chief secretary DM Spolia to take immediate short-term measures in order to ensure...

Kejriwal walks out of the shadow

12 Nov 2012 2:12 AM GMT
In India, where most voters can hardly see national issues beyond cricket and Bollywood, is corruption an electorally unpardonable sin? Most people...

Three messages of the reshuffle

29 Oct 2012 10:33 PM GMT
In countries that are democratic not in name but in practice, such as the US, rival candidates of the major political parties get a wonderful...

The substance of nationalism

15 Oct 2012 9:48 PM GMT
Not everything is quite right in the way India’s politicians seem to look at India. Admittedly, everyone has his own perception of citizenship and...

Government dithers on terror

1 Oct 2012 9:41 PM GMT
The unexplained six-year-long stay on the execution of terrorist Afzal Guru who had masterminded the 2001 attack on the Parliament building, and the...

Domestic politics, foreign money

17 Sep 2012 10:20 PM GMT
It is ironic that the news of the union government’s electrifying recovery last week from a long spell of governance paralysis came with the message...

Plundering in a savage style

5 Sep 2012 2:45 AM GMT
It is one of the telling ironies of Indian political life that Subodh Kant Sahai, who, as a youth leader in the 1970’s, fervidly supported the...

Prisoners to brand images

16 Aug 2012 12:14 AM GMT
The spectacular majority seen in the recent president and vice-president elections renders invalid the popular explanation for India’s halted...

Snatching American jobs

25 July 2012 2:08 AM GMT
Shooting the BreezePresident Barack Obama has recently given India a loud chiding for showing reluctance to accept reforms. ‘In too many sectors, such ...

Casinos of unaccounted money

18 July 2012 12:17 AM GMT
Shooting the BreezeFollowing the recent sting operation in IBNLive of money laundering by top guns of Bollywood, most of my acquaintances turned up the...
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