Millennium Post

Beyond the clichés

14 March 2020 2:06 PM GMT
Agra has much to offer for those with the thirst to explore, going beyond the traditional offerings of storied monuments and eclectic shops – an...

Russia's playground: Sochi

4 Jan 2020 2:52 PM GMT
Gateway to the optimistically named ‘Russian Riviera’, Sochi is a Black Sea resort with a lively boardwalk and glorious sunsets – in summer, coastline...

Summer Beckons!

8 Jun 2019 1:41 PM GMT
With scorching summers making city life difficult, we take you on a virtual tour of some exotic destinations that could be next on your holiday list!


2 March 2019 4:32 PM GMT
With the wedding season in full-swing, honeymoon travellers are flooding popular global destinations – but, stepping outside the ordinary and visiting...


22 Dec 2018 3:04 PM GMT
Famous for its castles, cathedrals, red wine, Baroque palaces and Turkish remains, including the northernmost minaret in Europe – Eger is a beautiful...

A toast to the classic Gin & Tonic

6 Oct 2018 1:24 PM GMT
Though British in its roots, the Gin & Tonic is a colonial classic born in the Indian subcontinent. Today, with modern mixes in myriad flavours – the...

Spooky Castles of Wales

9 Jun 2018 1:39 PM GMT
Creaking floors, rustling winds and the aura of old castles – Wales encapsulates the most fascinating revisit of history with its lingering paranormal...

On a trip around Scandinavia

10 Feb 2018 3:25 PM GMT
Taking a trip around Scandinavia find yourself in the midst of Europe's most stunning views and most revered Medieval Age castles.
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