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With the wedding season in full-swing, honeymoon travellers are flooding popular global destinations – but, stepping outside the ordinary and visiting lesser-known spots could mark an even more memorable start to your wedded life.

The Grand Indian Shaadi Season has just ended and it is time for the newlyweds to head out for their honeymoon. Although there have been quite a few traditional places to do so, today's Indian traveller wants new, exotic destinations. Here is a roundup of offbeat honeymoon destinations that you must head to in 2019.

The desserts of Negev, Israel

Think Hot Air Balloons, Sweet Wines and Camping in the world's largest crater. The Negev Desert in the Israel, a 150 kilometre drive from the capital Tell Aviv is a desert like any other. Using advanced agricultural methods, the arid soils of this desert have been turned into something mellifluous. A trail along the Negev's wineries will allow to taste some of the best of wines along with lessons from the winemaker themselves.

After observing the beauty of Negev on the road, it is time to experience it from a Bird's Eye view. Rent a Hot Air Balloon and take an hour long ride experiencing the mysticism of the desert: there are plantations, vineyards and monuments interspersed with the glistening sands as the sun goes down. For the night, we head to the Ramon Crater where a night of stargazing and a Bedouin party awaits us.

Romantic walks down THE STREETS OF Brussels

Europe has always been a heaven for newlyweds. With cobbled street alleys offering leisurely romantic walks, the city of Brussels is no less. Not only does it offer a plethora of alleyways to get lost exploring the city, there is also a Museum of Erotics and Mythology that you must visit. While walking, head to Sablon where various chocolatiers dot the square.

The famous Belgian pralines are found in quite of abundance here. Belgium has always been known for the diamond trade for centuries now and there are a litany shops selling diamonds of all shapes and sizes. So, head out there and buy a missus one right now.

Lake Tahoe, California

In the mood for an adventurous honeymoon, then the Lake Tahoe near the California-Nevada border should be definitely on your list. Bordered on all sides by peaks, Lake Tahoe offers the best of adventure sports in the midst of pristine natural beauty. With lots of Kayaking options and over 70 kilometres of coastline, the clear blue waters of Tahoe is quite a soothing experience.

The surrounding peaks offers quite a few hiking and mountain biking routes. After all these activities, head to the Fifty Fifty Brewing Company to satiate your hunger pangs with some top of the line craft brews including a stout which has been matured in Bourbon casks along with some pub-style Burgers and Sandwiches.

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Eastern Europe meets Ottoman empire in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is an unique mix of the traditional architecture side by side with fast rising modern ones. There are plenty of historic monuments to go around the city including the Gazi Husrev-Bey mosque, the Jewish Museum, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Old Orthodox Church and the Town Hall. But the soul of the city in it's oldest part, Bascarsija where many cobbled alleyways branch off from the main central square and are filled with European and Turkish influenced souvenir shops, kahva houses, Sheesha smoking joints and Bakhlava stores along with traditional restaurants serving the Cevapi.

On exploring a bit more, there are a few impromptu Jazz performances that you must check out.

Izmir, Turkey

Set against the magnificent backdrop of Aegean Sea, Izmir offers a luxurious marina against the backdrop of old Ottoman Castles.

The Cesme Marina is filled with luxurious yatches while the small market place in the neighbouring town of Alacati is where you can find the magic of Mastic. It is a sweet resin which can be chewed and has a flavour quite akin to that of Maple Syrup. We sit down with a cup of Mastic tea and ice cream at one of the many restaurants serving it while observing a medley of colours.

Salalah, Oman

One of the most beautiful regions in all of Middle East, it rains continuously in Salalah during the Khareef season which extends from July to September carpeting the city with a green cover. With omnipresent forts and souks which offer the best of shopping experiences, the Southern part of Oman is a culinary and visual delight.

The Empty Quarters is the largest continuous Sand Sea in the world and offers some spectacular sand dunes intermingled with Bedouin camps where you can interact with them and try out the local food.

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