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Biased Law

13 Dec 2019 4:39 PM GMT
The unequal Citizenship Amendment Bill ought to be stayed by the Supreme Court

Traders vs e-commerce

6 Dec 2019 4:22 PM GMT
Battle between traders and e-commerce needs a resolution that will be acceptable to all stakeholders, benefitting the economy in the large picture

Pinching food inflation

29 Nov 2019 4:29 PM GMT
High food prices and continued slow GDP growth rate have added to the economic woes pervasive in India

The JNU stalemate

22 Nov 2019 3:41 PM GMT
It is imperative to find a resolution to the JNU crisis that would be acceptable to both students as well as authorities

Whose responsibility is it?

15 Nov 2019 3:32 PM GMT
It is only apathy that is stopping Central and state governments from brewing solutions to the air pollution engulfing the National Capital Region

Awaiting the judgement

8 Nov 2019 3:24 PM GMT
Irrespective of the outcome, it is hoped that the Ayodhya verdict unifies the increasingly fractured people and finally puts a historic dispute to rest

Selective omission of crimes

1 Nov 2019 3:22 PM GMT
The much-delayed NCRB report of 2017 leaves many unanswered questions and gaps in its attempt to adequately present crimes reported in India

Eco-friendly festivities

25 Oct 2019 4:45 PM GMT
Let the start of the new year with Diwali be a chance to turn towards sustainable celebrations and living

In times of vulnerability

18 Oct 2019 5:05 PM GMT
The recent PMC Bank crisis shows that India definitely needs a better safety net to protect the depositors of crashed banks

The 'Millennial' Bane

11 Oct 2019 3:33 PM GMT
While the dynamic ‘millennial’ is set to occupy 75 per cent of India’s workforce by 2025, their unprofessionalism poses a threat to young companies

Finding the feeling of 'home'

4 Oct 2019 2:06 PM GMT
The festive season makes one yearn for ‘home’ — a city, a country or just people, where you belong

Phase out single-use plastic

27 Sep 2019 5:10 PM GMT
While single-use plastic should be curbed, a blanket ban on the labour-intensive industry can hurt the ailing economy
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