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No one killed Pehlu Khan

16 Aug 2019 3:19 PM GMT
The Rajasthan police and prosecution lost a golden opportunity to make an example of Pehlu Khan’s tragic lynching

J&K: An uncomfortable peace

9 Aug 2019 4:52 PM GMT
A democratically elected government must take the reins of Jammu and Kashmir and return statehood in a time-bound manner

Goodbye, India's 'Coffee King'

2 Aug 2019 3:17 PM GMT
V G Siddhartha’s suicide has shaken India Inc. and calls for an urgent relook at the economic and social ecosystems in the country

RTI? Not anymore!

26 July 2019 3:02 PM GMT
The hurried passing of crucial amendments to the RTI Act is worrying and must be stymied by the Supreme Court

Face off with FaceApp?

19 July 2019 5:19 PM GMT
The recent virality of FaceApp shows our preoccupation with ageing, and by correlation, the robustly growing anti-ageing industry

Addressing water crisis

12 July 2019 5:26 PM GMT
As several Indian cities face water shortage, sticking to erroneous ways will make water the most sought after and fought over commodity

Let women be

5 July 2019 4:41 PM GMT
Decisions made by women continued to create debates this week; but who are we to tell people how to lead their lives?

Lynchistan: The new normal?

28 Jun 2019 4:37 PM GMT
Repeated incidents of heinous mob lynching make it necessary to have an anti-lynching law

New-age money

21 Jun 2019 3:17 PM GMT
Facebook’s announcement of its cryptocurrency Libra once again throws open the debate about digital money and India’s stand on it

Communalising heinous crimes

14 Jun 2019 4:40 PM GMT
Giving communal tones to recent incidents of crime and protest points at a dangerous trend engulfing India

Course correcting the economy

7 Jun 2019 2:26 PM GMT
For recovery, the slowing Indian economy needs big reforms and macro changes to be initiated by the Narendra Modi government

Bengal story not yet done

31 May 2019 3:23 PM GMT
While BJP has reasons to rejoice for its performance in Bengal, writing off political workhorse, Mamata Banerjee, would be a fallacy
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