Millennium Post

Alarming second wave

16 April 2021 1:30 PM GMT
In spite of adequate forewarning, India's preparedness for the second wave of Covid-19 is appalling and found wanting

Data leaks

9 April 2021 5:19 PM GMT
An increase in the number of data breaches makes an urgent case for better data security laws in India

Our 'hard'-ly earned money

2 April 2021 6:21 PM GMT
The government may have withdrawn interest rate cut on small savings schemes but people’s money is still earning the least for them in years

Battle Royale

26 March 2021 4:42 PM GMT
The BJP takes on mighty Mamata Banerjee as the most-watched state elections kickstart in Bengal

Job reservation

19 March 2021 6:12 PM GMT
A recent move by some states to reserve jobs in the private sector impinges on corporate’s rights and may hinder attracting best talent

Restoring our reputation

12 March 2021 5:25 PM GMT
After three damning foreign reports on lack of freedoms in India, it’s time for some aggressive action to save our reputation of being the world’s largest democracy

Women, hold on

5 March 2021 4:32 PM GMT
There is much to rejoice in the achievements of Indian women, and this Women’s Day should be a time for the celebration of our many victories

Freedom's ball and chain

26 Feb 2021 4:17 PM GMT
The government’s latest rules governing social media and digital news platforms need to be implemented keeping the principles of free speech and the right to privacy intact

Hot oil!

19 Feb 2021 5:13 PM GMT
High fuel prices are burning a hole in the common man’s pocket and negatively impacting all sectors of the economy

Celebrating love

12 Feb 2021 4:52 PM GMT
The ongoing pandemic has taught us that only good health and love can help navigate through life’s many curveballs

Loan sharks

5 Feb 2021 4:41 PM GMT
A slew of illegal instant loan apps are catching people in debt traps; and worryingly there is no regulation against them yet

Protecting minors

29 Jan 2021 5:11 PM GMT
The contentious Bombay HC interpretation of the POCSO Act has been thankfully stayed by the apex court; it’s time for gender sensitisation of the judiciary
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