Policing the metaverse

23 Feb 2024 8:45 PM GMT
Sexual attacks are on the rise in the virtual world throwing up uncomfortable questions about online safety

How deep is your love?

17 Feb 2024 8:59 AM GMT
Do you swear by the ‘five love languages’ test? Well, that theory may not be the most scientific way to deduce the quality of your relationship

Fake it till you make it

9 Feb 2024 4:32 PM GMT
How unethical can PR tactics get just to create the shock factor? The recent Poonam Pandey death hoax shows it all

Buck the cull!

2 Feb 2024 3:50 PM GMT
The threat of AI taking over jobs is clear and present danger, especially to inefficient workers. Time to upskill and be uptight about efficiency

A ‘new’ India

27 Jan 2024 6:09 PM GMT
As we come to terms with a new 'Hindu' identity for India, can we promise to uphold the Indian constitution as supreme?

The Ram Brandwagon

19 Jan 2024 4:16 PM GMT
Large and small businesses make a beeline for Ayodhya to make the best of ‘Brand Ram’

Mind matters

12 Jan 2024 7:22 PM GMT
The Suchana Seth case screams for attention to mental health; are we noticing our minds?


5 Jan 2024 4:47 PM GMT
Excessive use of antibiotics that increases the dangers of antimicrobial resistance has been found in a recent study

Farewell 2023!

29 Dec 2023 3:29 PM GMT
Looking back at the year gone by and gearing up for 2024 — it’s that time of the year again

While you were protesting

22 Dec 2023 3:19 PM GMT
Important bills were passed in the Lok Sabha without the presence of the Opposition in direct contravention of the democratic essence of India

Looming water wars

15 Dec 2023 3:25 PM GMT
With water running low and disputes high, internal and external conflict over this essential resource is impending

The Indian travel conundrum

8 Dec 2023 2:29 PM GMT
This festive season made it tough for migrant workers to get home; how do we keep ticket prices in check?
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