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Promising 'green' perspectives

20 Feb 2021 5:28 PM GMT
Integration of ‘environment management’ in the core business process is the way to sustainability — it can offer higher profit as well as better recognition to the industry in the longer run

Resetting the balance

16 Jan 2021 5:35 PM GMT
In a year of uncomfortable realisations regarding the unsustainable nature of our lifestyles, there were also signs that humanity can and must come together to confront the looming climate change crisis

Leap with hope

26 Dec 2020 5:46 PM GMT
For all its grim parallels to the looming climate change crisis, the pandemic also ended up igniting the hope that blue skies, clean rivers and lower GHG emission are possible

A familiar refrain

28 Nov 2020 5:02 PM GMT
Delhi’s air pollution is the talk of the town again. For solutions, the masters on the top must leave political rivalry aside and work together for larger public and national interest. Many similar pollution hotspots of the country, ignored today, may become truly problematic tomorrow

Lost in power

31 Oct 2020 5:25 PM GMT
Much needed pollution norms for the coal-based power plants were globally appreciated but the government’s negligence in dealing with the problems in a timely manner turned it into an inglorious event

A new giant leap

12 Sep 2020 4:51 PM GMT
The boisterous debate on draft EIA notification 2020 for diluting provisions for environmental clearance, can’t bring a solution. Rather, the continuing failure of EIA indicates the need for a new approach of cumulative impact assessment

Crisis of credibility

8 Aug 2020 4:44 PM GMT
Shoddy pollution data remains a big concern even today when real-time monitoring is being used in Indian industries. Not only does it sow distrust among the industry, regulators and common public, it also slashes the Government's confidence to opt for self-monitoring regime

At what cost?

4 July 2020 5:26 PM GMT
The current string of industrial accidents portray the disgraceful reality of India’s industries largely prioritising productivity and growth while shunning safety and health standards, a cold calculation with a heavy human collateral

For a new India

6 Jun 2020 6:05 PM GMT
Real-time environmental monitoring, a new-age technology in India, is on its way to replacing the conventional system of pollution compliance check with the use of advanced, digitalised and less labour intensive equipment
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