Millennium Post

Drudgery of migrants

30 March 2020 3:28 PM GMT
The picture of migrant labours crowding the Anand Vihar bus stand in desperation as shown in your esteemed newspaper is heart-rending. This shows the...

Stemming the tide

23 March 2020 3:30 PM GMT
Over 400 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection have been ascertained till date. The initial rate was 15 cases per day. But it has accelerated...

A feasibility check

18 March 2020 2:28 PM GMT
Exploring the viability of two big ideas being thrown up in energy discussions in the public forum while establishing methods of achieving these

What ails the Indian railways?

4 March 2020 3:20 PM GMT
Indian Railways needs comprehensive institutional reforms before it can take on the coveted mantle of the driver of the Indian economy

Igniting a solar revolution

27 Feb 2020 3:17 PM GMT
Despite immense prospects, India’s solar-power potential is largely untapped due to lacking infrastructure and government initiative

Drawing up a roadmap

19 Feb 2020 3:28 PM GMT
Government must urgently revise its spending priorities to lift Indian economy from its slump

Leading by example

13 Feb 2020 4:44 PM GMT
Indore’s cleanest city title is not an outcome of just the administration’s catalyst but also involves an inculcated sense of self-discipline among...
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