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Drudgery of migrants

The picture of migrant labours crowding the Anand Vihar bus stand in desperation as shown in your esteemed newspaper is heart-rending. This shows the callous attitude of Haryana, Delhi, UP governments and the Government of India towards these poor and hapless people who have been left without daily wages or even a proper way to home and safety. How these people were allowed by the police at the border and other checkpoints to cross only goes to shows that there were silent orders of their respective governments to allow this mass exodus. The police ordinarily cannot allow anyone to cross the border under the currently enforced lockdown guidelines. In other words, the effectiveness and meaning of this lockdown has been completely compromised when five lakh daily wage labourers from Haryana towns were somehow able to reach Anand Vihar bus stand or enter UP as they journey by foot to reach their homes. The motives behind such callousness are clear and disheartening. The Haryana government did not want to prevent the exodus in order to save on the cost and effort feeding and sheltering these daily wage workers. The widespread appeal to request the labour to come back and stay put is only a show put on for the cameras and the newspaper reports. The Prime Minister's silence and refusal to not chide the guilty CMs shows his complicity as well. If these people were to be expelled from the various states, then the CMs of UP and Bihar should have been informed and special trains should have been arranged for their transportation.

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