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Of true love and empty unions

True love never dies. We have heard this innumerable times. Many of us have perhaps clung on to this theory after many a heart break. It’s not easy to find one’s soul-mate, confused as we are between love and infatuation. And what happens when you mistake infatuation for love and end up marrying the wrong person. That is what happens to doctor Anjali,  the protagonist of Never Say Goodbye by Rajiv Seth. After a brief courtship with Sunil,  a businessman, Anjali marries him, only to discover  that he happens to be quite the opposite of what she had thought him to be.  Where Anjali is credulous and desires to do something for her fellow human beings, Sunil’s desires are restricted to money.

The hollow relationship engulfs Anjali until she finds Doctor Akash in whom she gets solace.  Doctor Akash, a man with whom any girl can fall in love, not because of his clean-cut looks – well  nothing is described about his looks—but for his righteous and altruistic personality. A simple, happy man who  feels satisfied by serving the humanity  and is never drawn to the ‘glitzy showbiz of medicine world’.  Anjali and Akash fall in love.

But will be the fate of this extra-marital romance. Writing a hard-core love story is not an easy task. And it is more arduous and precarious for the debutant writer.  But the author succeeds and how. He manages to entwine the plot with the world of genetics. Since the story revolves around the lives of doctors, it contains a liberal dose of medical  jargons and detailed descriptions of their world. Will Anjali give in to social dictats?  Or will she listen to her heart? Read to find out. And if you are not satisfied with the end, Seth has already started working on the sequel.

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