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World War I's forgotten violent aftermath and toxic legacy

2017-12-23 15:39:24.0
Gerwarth warns of a trend to create and reward differences rather than united co-existence – with rights for all sections, and that mere military victory, or war termination, is meaningless without skillful peace-making, writes Vikas Datta

Enid Blyton's adventures get even more mouth-watering

2017-12-23 15:13:14.0
Price : Rs 799Publisher: HodderEnid Blyton knew her mysteries. She also knew her muffins and meringues. In 'Jolly Good Food', Allegra McEvedy – chef,...

'Feels good to appreciate and enjoy the best of both worlds'

2017-12-16 14:15:06.0
Excerpts form an exclusive interview with Priya Mahadevan, an author living in the USA, during her short visit to India

An unputdownable attempt for ordinary readers

2017-12-16 13:51:50.0
Tamal Bandyopadhyay has mastered the art of demystifying the complicated world of finance for ordinary readers with his book 'From Lehman to Demonetization', writes Sugato Hazra

Sneak Peak-Chapter 1

2017-01-15 21:35:35.0
A City Run by Machines London is a Mecca for non–resident Indians. I was returning from a night club Hippodrome in Piccadilly, on a Sunday morning in...

The musical legacy of MS Subbulakshmi

2017-01-15 21:31:40.0
As a journalist, TJS George’s credibility and credentials are unparalleled. In his career of over six decades, the veteran author and editor has...

Einstein’s famous equation explained

2017-01-15 21:28:43.0
For what is the most famous and significant scientific equation ever, E=mc2 (c squared) appears rather simple. But in its five characters – three...

Here’s a taste of what’s in store in Kalayug-Sneak Peak

2017-01-08 20:39:30.0
Chapter 1  You Just Got Conned!Jay had been stuck in the same place for the last twenty minutes, a block away from the hotel. He had never been...


2017-01-08 20:33:52.0
Girja Kumar took upon himself it the task of re–discovering the great classic to  view it as his personal odyssey in search of dharma as seen in the...

A life of secrets

2017-01-08 20:29:47.0
On October 15, 1917, the extraordinary life of an exceptional woman comes to an end in Paris –  the city that she had always loved. Though one cannot...

Evolutionary conundrums

2017-01-01 21:52:23.0
It was birthplace of the human race but that is not the only contribution of Africa to life on our planet. On its sprawling savannah can be seen many...

The legacy of the Raj

2017-01-01 21:47:56.0
For those of us in India and elsewhere,  whose perspectives of the Raj have been shaped by the British version – that the metaphorical political...


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