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Meenakshi Thakur

Meenakshi Thakur

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Hawala havens

23 Nov 2014 9:48 PM GMT
The Modi government and the media houses are going into a frenzy over the black money issue. While our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has managed to...

Will falling crude prices oil economy?

9 Nov 2014 9:50 PM GMT
In three months since August, petrol prices have been slashed six times, a cumulative reduction of Rs 9.32 (Figure is for New Delhi), giving...

Can El Namo offset El Nino?

6 July 2014 9:10 PM GMT
Euphoria for Modi-led government can still be seen in the markets. According to ever-blabbering experts, Narendra Damodar Modi victory has rekindled...

Uncle Sam: Culprit, judge & hangman

8 Jun 2014 7:58 PM GMT
Can you patent the sun?’ American medical researcher Jonas Salk who developed polio vaccine made this statement, which is now oft quoted to evoke...

Killer tablets

23 Feb 2014 9:37 PM GMT
Nothing stays for long in this world. This happens rather quickly in the world of science. Even before a man realises, technological changes sweep...

The reincarnation of the scooter

2 Feb 2014 9:57 PM GMT
Hamara Bajaj defined the way of life for the Indian middle class for nearly three decades —from 60s to 90s. There is every reason to be nostalgic...

Public money in Private interest

15 Dec 2013 8:11 PM GMT
Reforms are necessary for any society, provided they are progressive. Progressive reforms entail more freedom and liberalisation. However, when it...

Govt frowns at indians’ love affair with gold

6 Oct 2013 10:49 PM GMT
Gold’s sun-like lustre drives every woman crazy. But Indians seem to have an insatiable lust for this yellow metal. No, history does not provide any...

Booked! Browse and buy online latest mantra for bibliophiles

15 Sep 2013 11:29 PM GMT
American musician Frank Zappa’s regret, ‘So many books, so little time’, aptly sums up the problem facing an avid book-lover in the world of online...

Textiles key missile in India’s export armour

25 Aug 2013 7:37 PM GMT
To trade is human.... In the early 19th century, David Ricardo gave the world the theory of comparative advantage that explains how countries can...

Of life, death and other enigmas

20 July 2013 9:52 PM GMT
We dread death until it inevitably strikes us. And the question of rebirth may fascinate a person as much as it haunts, for as per the Hindu...

Car sales crash for middle class... race ahead for super rich

4 July 2013 10:29 PM GMT
As the slowing economy ravages almost all sectors across the country, it is the car-manufacturing industry which has suffered the wrath the most,...
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