Millennium Post

Life-saving potential

28 Feb 2022 3:09 PM GMT
Being proximate to people, civil society organisations can play supplementary role in mitigating disaster impacts and facilitating relief and rescue...

A grand tribute

3 Feb 2022 5:50 PM GMT
The Statue of Equality, built to commemorate the Millennium Birth Anniversary of Ramanujacharya, embodies a spirit of recognition for the saint who...

That exemplary 'experiment'

10 Jan 2022 12:54 PM GMT
Proving the ‘pundits’ wrong, India marched forward on the path of electoral democracy 70 years back, and stands today as a shining example

A policy imperative

16 Dec 2021 1:25 PM GMT
India needs a population stabilisation plan to minimise the growing stress on its resources and to ensure sustainable development

Restoring tourism

5 Nov 2021 2:47 PM GMT
Building upon the confidence gained through an effective vaccination campaign, the government is making all-out effort to revive tourism
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