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Why no one wants mid-term polls

There may have been constant talks among UPA allies and NDA constituents on mid-term polls, but the Congress is confident of completing its full term. Other political parties are not in agreement on the issue, with few asserting the need for mid-term polls, and most others against such a development. Then there are a few regional parties, which are of the opinion that mid-term polls should be held immediately, as they would benefit from such a scenario.

Sources within the Congress tells us, 'The Congress has been ruling the country for the past so many years and they are well aware of where they stand. The party would definitely not want any mid-term polls, as they hope to come back to power after two years again. For that, they would want to set things right within the party and move ahead on this plan. Then there are those political parties which want the government to continue till 2014 and this is because of their own vested interest. For example, the BJP is facing infighting. They are unable to decide the prime ministerial candidate, also they are facing the Yeddyurappa crisis in Karnataka. They are facing issues that they have been unable to resolve this or that way. So, the BJP wants elections at the scheduled time, so that they can buy time and are able to resolve their internal party issues.'

'Left parties are also aware of this fact that immediate elections will not give them anything because in spite of their constant attack on Mamata Banerjee, things may go in her favour in West Bengal. So they would want elections at the scheduled time,' he says. The other party which would want elections to be held at the scheduled time is the BSP. 'The BSP will also be interested that elections are held as per schedule. Because if polls take place now, the BSP would face the same destiny as UP elections.'

The source says that in Tamil Nadu, the DMK is also interested in elections at the scheduled time because of known reasons. As far as the SP, the TMC, the AIADMK and the TDP in Andhra Pradesh are concerned, they might be interested in mid-term polls. 'In Uttar Pradesh, SP feels they would sweep the polls they way they swept the Assembly elections. Things will be in favour of Jayalalitha also, if there is a mid-term poll. Even in West Bengal, things might go in favour of Mamata in the event of mid-term polls. All these political parties which are expecting more seats if mid-term happens want UPA-II to be forced to concede to midterm polls,' says the source.

Analysing the Congress strategy if any of the allies pull out from the UPA, the source says, 'In case the SP withdraws support, we will have the Left come in and support the government. They will do this not because they want to support the Congress, but for their own interests. If Mamata withdraws, then the BSP will support the government, again for its own reasons. So in all probability, elections will be held at the scheduled time, unless the DMK or the NCP's Sharad Pawar have other plans.
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