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Tania Ameer

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‘Indians waste as much food as The United Kingdom consumes’

23 Sep 2014 10:13 PM GMT
How has been your experience in the ministry so far?It has been a learning experience-enjoyable as well as enlightening . I realised that there are...

‘Plan to control food inflation, wastage on urgent basis’

18 Sep 2014 12:16 AM GMT
Alarming figures indicate that India wastes food equal to what Britain consumes annually. In fact we every year waste Rs 44,000 crores worth of...

100 days of govt an example of perpetuating insecurity: Congress

3 Sep 2014 11:29 PM GMT
Slamming the Narendra Modi-led government’s the Congress on Tuesday slated the prime minister as a ‘dream merchant’, who rose to power by selling...

Les Misérables

31 Aug 2014 8:25 PM GMT
This perfectly sounding ‘Once Upon A time …’ beginning hit the pause button, as Narendra Modi phenomenon shook the Congress party along with the...

Badaun shocker! gang rape and murder is a false story

15 Aug 2014 12:48 AM GMT
Preliminary inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) indicated that five men who were accused of raping and murdering two teens at Badaun...

Delhi, Kolkata airports top in baggage theft

14 Aug 2014 1:02 AM GMT
Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai airports top in number of cases of theft of passenger baggage this year. Civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju gave...

Travel agents still owe Rs 63 cr to Air India

13 Aug 2014 11:40 PM GMT
Air India has faced defaults in payments due to travel agents in the past two years amounting to 85.65 crores said civil aviation minister Ashok...

Govt moves to hike profitability of airports in the red

12 Aug 2014 11:51 PM GMT
The Airport Authority of India has started focusing on converting loss-making airports into ‘viable and profitable’ ones said minister of state in...

121 foreign pilots flying high in Indian skies

6 Aug 2014 12:45 AM GMT
This may not be music for the Indian aviation industry but while replying to a question in the Upper House, MoS (Aviation) GM Siddeshwara said there...

Virtual risk

3 Aug 2014 10:57 PM GMT
For an astute politician like Narendra Modi the use of social media (apart from the on-ground connect with people) in a way led to his victorious...

Science Express chugs out of Delhi on bio-diversity mission

29 July 2014 1:17 AM GMT
SEBS is all set to cover 17,000 kms across India, and chugged out of the Safdarjung railway station in Delhi on Monday afternoon after being flagged...

Media students may soon apply to IIMC university

15 July 2014 12:01 AM GMT
To take forward prime minister Narendra Modi’s plan to integrate all government media institutes, a high-level meeting was held in the ministry of...
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