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When Hauz Khaz Village looked like Europe

When Hauz Khaz Village looked like Europe
A day before World Music Day, Hauz Khas Village had completely transformed. With expats taking over the village, it looked like a street square somewhere in Europe. Courtesy, the Fête de la Musique, a music festival that was dedicated to celebrating music in different forms. The musical extravaganza was organised in collaboration with the Hauz Khas Trader’s Association.

The festival was originally created by the French Ministry of Culture way back in 1982 in Paris. Ever since, the festival has been celebrated across the world. Since the inaugural edition, Fête de la Musique has slowly become a platform for amateur and professional musicians of various genres to come together. Thus, it also gives music lovers a chance to attend free live performances.

This night in Hauz Khas Village witnessed a plethora of colourful performances across the village. The programme began at 7pm with Evening Slam, a poetry session at The Rose, and classical music at Elma’s Bakery at the same time, giving people an option to choose between poetry and classical music. The ‘poetry slam’ was inspired by a similiar event created by American poet Marc Smith, designed to make poetry reading less elitist and fun. Slam is mainly considered as an artistic movement defending values such as openness, freedom of expression or overcoming of social barriers.

At The Rose, guests recited poems written by them while others sang. A few children also participated and recited and sang poetry without any inhibition, putting self-consciousness behind. ‘You may say, read, sing, whisper or rap your slam. No matter what is your style, your language or your way of expressing yourself, what counts is the occupation of the stage and the oral and bodily sharing’, said a host.

Elma’s organised an ‘aperitif concert’, dedicated to classical music. Here, Antoine and others performed a piano recital while singing and enacting in French. Stiff Kittens Inc. paid homage to late French artist Serge Gainsbourg. Such was the magnitude of the performance that the audience didn’t budge even though there was a power cut. The night was filled with music in the air as performers were every where in the streets and even in some cafes like Out of The Box (OTB), The Living Room (TLR).

There was a wide genre of music, with musicians playing different kinds of music in their own styles on the street, with sometimes the audience joining in and dancing to the music. This musical fare lasted till late night bringing together all music lovers  in Delhi, making it look like a cosmopolitan city.
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