Music flows across borders

8 March 2017 4:08 PM GMT
The South Asian University organised a concert along with an interactive session with eminent singer and song writer Moushumi Bhowmik recently in the...

Happy songs trigger pleasant memories

2 March 2017 3:46 PM GMT
Researchers found that a greater proportion of clear memories were recalled when positive cues were played.

All latin and beat to me!

22 July 2013 8:13 PM GMT
Let the hip-shaking zumba and the energising rhythm of the conga jazz it up for you. Thanks to a clutch of Kolkata musicians and dancers, Latin music...

India has a growing rock scene

16 July 2013 8:43 PM GMT
Surprised by the mushrooming metal rock culture in India, visiting metal ensembles from the Maldives, France and the United Arab Emirates hope to make...

Recreating haveli on stage

12 July 2013 8:05 PM GMT
After enthralling the audience in Bangalore, an ensemble of 13 artistes from various parts of India is excited to bring a unique concept for the...

A music lover's mission

1 July 2013 8:23 PM GMT
It was sheer curiosity that led to a beautiful serendipity which has now become a mission for author-classical singer Vikram Sampath, who has created...

Man, Machine and Music

25 Jun 2013 9:18 PM GMT
Friday night came alive with the Cross- Continental Duo from Gods Robots performing live for the first time in Delhi. The occasion - the launch party...

Topiwalleh in town

15 Jun 2013 8:40 PM GMT
That bling in their outfits, the multicolored Nehruvian topis and the high impact folk rock performance are what make Swarathama stand out. Coming...

Wolfpack’s in, get howling!

14 Jun 2013 8:54 PM GMT
This is Wolfpack’s third performance in India and we cannot wait! The duo is rapidly becoming the epicenter of rising musical talent in...

Gods Robots descend

8 Jun 2013 12:41 AM GMT
What began three years ago on the internet has come together in an album launch. Meet the Gods Robots – a powerhouse band that intrinsically started...

For the spirit of the band

14 July 2012 2:55 AM GMT
Want to rewind to the 70s? Tune in to Vish-Kash which is all set to bring back the 70s with their hippy grungy music. With Vishnu on the guitar and...

‘Want audience with open heart’

11 July 2012 2:37 AM GMT
‘In the midst of final exams, when her classmates tumble about campus in sweatpants and bed head, she arrives at a morning meeting crisp and fresh,...
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