What's a woman's worth?

Whats a womans worth?
A woman's worth can  never be measured — neither in words nor expressions. One can only see the many aspects and beauty in the moments captured, either through the lens or through the imagination of a painter.

So women and their surroundings were the focus of a recent exhibition A Woman's Worth at India International Centre.

Russian-born Isreali photographer Suzi Levi and Johnette Iris Stubbs, an African American photographer captured women across India and tried to delineate their stories.  

Suzi Levi's long lasting affair with women and art was inspired by her mother. The woman is the recurring theme in her works. She has lived in different places and all of that has influenced her works. Now that she is living in India, she has now roped Indian culture in her works.

'I also admire a great deal the culture of Bollywood dancing. I enjoy practising its beautiful rhythms, lyrics and movements. I realised that Indian dance and art are so well knit that they are inseparable. I find Indian culture to be a beautiful mix of poetry and painting, as is one piece of work', says Suzi Levi.

Johnette Iris Stubbs began showcasing her works in 2000. She has also done solo exhibitions. Women, families and the association of women with societies at large are the common and recurrent themes of her photographs. Clothing, textiles, fabrics, lines, textures, colours, designs, expressions, movements and contrasts — they all the focus of the images she captures of women.

Having travelled across the length of the subcontinent, Stubbs had come across various societies. What intrigued her is how women shaped the different cultures around the world.

'I have had incredible opportunities to photograph women in their homes, at work, during religious ceremonies, on Bollywood film sets and in public life. From these moments, I have culled images that attempt to show the strength, vulnerability and value of women and their importance to the cultural fabric of their societies,' said Stubbs.

It was interesting to see how the exhibition itself brought two women from across different continents through their subject of interests. The expression of womanhood reverberated in every photograph at the exhibition. 
Lina Pegu

Lina Pegu

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