Journey with my shadow

7 July 2017 2:57 PM GMT
For his exhibition, Inderjeet travelled all over India.

Displaying installation, kavaad and paintings

11 April 2017 3:37 PM GMT
The installation, created by Charuvi Design Lab, has been screened at several festivals. The installation of Hanuman is made of around 26,000 bells, which chime on cue. It is a unique animated and digital experience of a mythological figure, Lord Hanuman.

Picasso brought to life in Delhi

17 Jun 2013 9:56 PM GMT
Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working, said Pablo Picasso, the celebrated artist who dominated the world of art in the 20th century....

In love with the national bird

12 July 2012 1:34 AM GMT
The national bird is the focus of a new exhibition in the city. Ringing in the monsoons, Sarang, which began at the Jawahar Byapar Bhawan in Janpath,...

Heritage and its aspects

5 July 2012 4:07 AM GMT
When you say Japan, the first thing you think of is technology. But then, travel magazines also swear by the country’s scenic beauty. And now,...

All for a click

28 Jun 2012 8:12 AM GMT
There are enough occasions for professionals to display their techniques with the camera. But what if you are an amateur? Fret not, because you have a...

A kaleidoscope of modern Indian art

25 Jun 2012 12:34 AM GMT
The seventh edition of Delhi Art Gallery’s biannual show consisting of 75 works by modern and contemporary Indian artists is coming to an end on 30...

Time to get click happy

20 Jun 2012 4:22 AM GMT
The annual photo competition held by the Embassy of Sweden since 2010 is back. The Embassy on Monday announced the opening of Swedish innovations —...

Lives in a wasteland

18 Jun 2012 2:53 AM GMT
How many times have we gone to a plush market and thrown a wrapper or a plastic container in a wastebasket? Often, small feet scurry around the waste...

Dressing up, Raj style

8 Jun 2012 7:23 AM GMT
'Costumes of Hindostan' [Costumes de L’indostan] by Balthazar Solvyns, a reprint edition of 60 colour printed engraved plates with descriptions in...

Taking you to Bengal

27 May 2012 10:50 PM GMT
It's capital, Kolkata, is dubbed the cultural capital of the country. But there is so much more to the state of Bengal, for which you have to go...

Daring to be different

24 May 2012 12:00 PM GMT
When Meena Verma opened Arts of the Earth, a gallery dedicated solely to folk and tribal art about a year ago, she would not have probably foreseen...
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